The Chrysler Pacifica is Cruising on Sesame Street


There are some interesting characters behind the wheel of the Chrysler Pacifica lately.

As part of a sponsorship of the PBS show “Sesame Street,” Chrysler is creating a multimedia campaign that pairs Sesame Street muppets and the all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

The first four videos feature muppets riding in a Chrysler Pacifica while playing a new In Pacificagame show called “Listen, Drive, Surprise!” The game show tests the characters’ ability to follow directions. Children help explain the vehicle’s features along the way.

“’Sesame Street’ has a powerful connection with families and this partnership allows the Chrysler brand to support their work around the world,” said Tim Kuniskis, of FCA North America, in a press release. “As a trusted family brand, we were looking for a like-minded partner who possessed a thoughtful and engaging approach.”

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan has an unprecedented 115 safety, security, and Cookie Monstertechnology innovations.

“Partnering with Chrysler will help us extend our reach in new and creative ways, and support Sesame Workshop’s nonprofit mission to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder,” said Steve Youngwood, Chief Operating Officer of Sesame Workshop, in a press release.  “We’re thrilled to work with a brand that stands for a deep commitment to families and children.”

To see the first four videos, click here.

To see Runde Auto Group’s inventory of Chrysler Pacificas, click here.

Runde’s Sesame Street Winners!

Over the last couple of weeks Runde’s had a Sesame Street “Seek and Find” contest running in the Telegraph Herald. The contest recently ended and some kids are going home as happy as can be with free tickets to Sesame Street Live!

We gave out a total of 8 free tickets for some lucky children to see the show with their families. In addition to the free tickets, Runde’s gave away $3.00 off coupons at all four Runde’s stores.

Each of our four locations had contest winners, we had two great kids come in for the tickets at our Chevrolet store:



Catherine from Dubuque was the first lucky winner who came in to claim her tickets.

Who’s your favorite character Catherine?
(whispers) Elmo.



Emily and Michael

Emily and her younger brother Michael were the next Sesame Steet fans to stoll through our front doors that day.  Check our their video interview below.

We’d like to thank everyone for the great response and for participating in the contest.

Congratulations to our lucky prize winners – you’re in for a great show!

Celebrating Sesame Street at Runde’s!

“Sunny day – Sweepin’ the clouds away,
On my way to where the air is sweet.
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street…”Sure, it’s right across the Julien Dubuque bridge!  Assuming your coming from Dubuque, just take the first right after you get off the bridge, take a right at the stop sign then go until you see Runde Chevrolet  to your left and you are there – where all the happy people meet.

Runde’s has been all about Sesame Street – especially recently. The production 123 Sesame Street Live is coming to the Five Flags Center in Dubuque, IA. November 24th and 25th and Runde’s is supporting the production along with the Telegraph Herald.

To get in the atmosphere of Sesame Street and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, I went around our Chevrolet store to see who everyone’s favorite adorable, grumpy, or hungry puppet was.

 The question was simple, as simple as one… two… three ah-ah-ah:
Who is, or was, your favorite Sesame Street character and why.DSC08315

Ryan Halverson:
 Aloysius Snuffleupagus: He was just the coolest one. No one got to see him except big bird. 



DSC08317Al Gassman:
Oscar: He was a big old grouch!  





Marty Frank:
Ernie: I dunno why, because he’s short, I guess? Yeah definitely Ernie.



DSC08319Christopher “Cheeseburger” Duddeck:
Oscar: I liked him because he was always mad and ticked off.



DonDon McWilliams:
We didn’t even have Sesame Street when I was a kid. I’d have to say the Three-Stooges.
Don, that’s not a Sesame Street character.
Well that’s what I watched.
(((((((We must have told him 1001 times: “No smoking on the premises”))))))))

DSC08321John Zeimet:
Elmo! Oh yeah Elmo because my grandkids like him. They have a little Elmo doll – you should see it, it’s really good. 



Troy Muelheip:

Big Bird – He’s the only one I can really remember.



DSC08324Joe Hesselman:
Big Bird





Jeff Schmitt:
Big Bird – I used to watch it a long time ago, I always thought Big Bird was really funny. 





Becky Kuhl
Big Bird: I think Big Bird should be in the spotlight again and Elmo should step aside. I also like Grover.
You got a problem with Elmo?
No! Elmo is pretty funny. I just forgot about Big Bird for awhile and I remembered that he used to be my favorite and now I just don’t know who he even is.

DSC08329Lisa Charley:
Cookie Monster: I share his passion for cookies. How could you not want a cookie? Everyone wants cookies.




DSC08330Craig Kruser:
Oscar: He makes me laugh I guess. He’s mean like some people I know. 




DSC08338Kurt Larson:
Bert and Ernie: When My brother Kyle and I were little before my younger brother Ryan was born and it was just the two of us Kyle and I were Bert and Ernie.


Sue Hanger:

sue grouch
Oscar: Cuz I like him, and his house!
He lives in a trash can…
Yeah, nice place.
Ok..My vote goes to Count Von Count, but it looks like Big Bird won the popularity vote here at Runde’s. Happy 40th birthday Seasme Street!