Welcoming Brian Oswald to Runde Auto Group in Platteville


Please join us in welcoming Brian Oswald to the sales team at Runde Chevrolet Buick GMC in Platteville!

Brian moved to Platteville from Cuba City a year ago. He previously worked in the mortgage industry.

“I have always wanted to sell cars and trucks,” he said. “You get to meet a lot of people and I have always heard Runde’s has a great reputation.”

He is excited to sell from Runde Auto Group’s inventory of more than 1,650 vehicles.

“I have always tried to make sure the customer has a positive experience and I pride myself on delivering great customer service, which means helping people meet their needs in a way that is efficient, pleasant, and informative,” he said.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys coaching basketball, playing tennis, watching all sports, traveling and reading.

His favorite vehicles are the GMC Yukon Denali for long trips, and the Chevrolet Cruze for getting around town.

“I like the Yukon because of its room, the smooth ride, and its safety features,” he said. “And I like the Cruze because of its athletic look.”

Brian can be reached by calling 866-576-0797 or by emailing boswald@rundeautogroup.com

Meet Service Writer and Stock Car Racer Wes Digman!


Wes is relatively new to Runde’s but has been a great addition to the team. We decided to get the inside scoop on him and his interests through an interview!

Are you originally from the Dubuque area?
I am from Cuba City, Wisconsin. I was just looking for a different job opportunity. I got a better opportunity here than where I was working.

How long have you worked for Runde Chevrolet and what do you do here over the course of a normal day?
Over the course of a normal day, I schedule work and order parts for mechanics. I also schedule appointments for customers and deal with extended warranty companies and try to sell service, obviously, being a service writer. I basically just try to keep the customer happy and coming back.

What’s the best part about your job?
Helping people is the best part about my job and that’s what makes it worth it.

Considering the awesome Chevrolet new vehicle line-up, which vehicle are you most excited about right now?
I really like the new 2014 Impalas. The interior design and layout of them is pretty slick compared to the older ones. The previous Impalas were just plain, nothing really exciting about them. But the inside and outside of the new ones are pretty impressive.

Do you have a favorite spot in the Tri-State area?
I’m a racecar driver, so I like to go to the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. It’s a good time over there.

If you could only drive one vehicle for the rest of your days, which one would you chose and why?
A new Corvette wouldn’t be too bad.  It’s a nice-looking, fast car.

Would you describe yourself as the life of the party, a casual mingler, or a wallflower?
I wouldn’t quite say life of the party, so I guess I’d have to say a casual mingler.

Do you have family in the area?
I have my sister, mom and dad, and there are a lot of Digmans in the area—I’m related to probably half of them. My dad is a maintenance manager for the Diamond Jo Casino, my sister attends UWP-Platteville, and my mom works for Dubuque Bank & Trust.

Do you have any hobbies that you do regularly?
I race a stock car every weekend. I race in Dubuque, Farley, and Darlington.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Days of Thunder is definitely my favorite.

How many times have you watched it?
Too many.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
That’s My Boy by Adam Sandler. His voice throughout the whole movie is just a really weird one. And there is really no plot throughout the movie.

What is currently in the CD player of your vehicle?
Theory of a Deadman is currently in my CD player—their first CD. They’re not my favorite band, but that’s just the one in there right now. Shinedown is my favorite band.

If you had one month left to live, what would you spend it doing?
I would spend that time traveling wherever I could get in that month. I would definitely have to go to Eldora Speedway.

What’s the furthest place you’ve ever traveled to and what did you do there?
I went on a family vacation to Florida. We went to the Daytona racetrack, the beach, and Disneyland.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever witnessed?
The weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed happened to a guy in downtown Dubuque by Wendy’s. He took off by the stop light and his belt came unhooked. He didn’t even know it and just left it there.

If you had a time machine and it worked, what date in time would you go back to first and why?
I would probably back to my senior year in high school. I would probably put forth quite a bit more effort than I ever did.

Rolling Stones, My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters, or good old Zeppelin?
Rolling Stones.

Mexican food, Chinese buffet, Burger King, or pizza?

Cherry Berry or YoSoSweet?
I really like Cherry Berry. I like to get chocolate, chocolate, and a lot more chocolate.

Home on the range, or bright light, big city?
Home on the range.

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo news, or the daily newspaper?

If you could have one famous person as a teacher/mentor for a year, who would you chose and why?
Tony Stewart. He’s a Nascar driver. He came from pretty much nothing and he grew up a dirt car driver. I went and watched him race in Milwaukee and he had an interview over the intercom. He said he races Nascar for money and dirt because it’s more fun.

What is your most prized possession in life?
I would say my racecar because my whole family is intertwined in it and it’s kind of a family ran operation.

If your life story was turned into an ABC movie of the week, what would it be called?
Young, Wild, Free, and Poor.

What’s the furthest you can throw a softball?
50 yards, maybe.

That’s all the questions I had for you, Wes. We are proud to have you as part of the Runde’s Family!  FYI:  We tried to put him to the test with the softball throw, but we kept forgetting to bring the softball to work … oh well, we’ll have to take his word for it on the 50 yards.

Debbie Stratton – Likes WWE & LOVES Her New Escape.

Debbie Stratton is a hard worker, a kind spirit and a wonderful customer of ours. She was in to pick up her Ford Escape and had a few minutes to spare to do a quick interview. If you see her at the Grand Harbor on the weekends be sure to say “hi”!

What brought you into Runde’s Today?
An SUV.  I’ve been really wanting an SUV.

And what did you end up getting?
A Ford Escape. I’m looking forward to it for the winter and whatnot. And everyone has one now, I thought it was about time to get with it.

How did you find Runde’s?
I actually bought a car from Al before, so I knew where to go when I wanted to get my SUV.  He was on the lot one Saturday morning and I was looking around and he was very kind and helped me find the perfect car.

How did you enjoy your experience here?
It was fantastic. I’d totally recommend it to everybody. I even come back and visit when I’m not even shopping for a car just to see how Al and everyone is doing. Service here is fantastic as well.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience?
A 10, definitely.   I’d recommend it … really … you are treated like a king when you walk in and you feel that you are in control and have time to think about everything instead of being rushed and pushed into something you may not want.

Are you from the area?
I’m from Dubuque.   Lived there all my life.

Any Family or Pets?
It’s just me and my poodle, Buttercup. I’ve had her since she was a puppy, she just turned 2 years old. We go for rides around Dubuque or Maquoketa. I take her pretty much everywhere.

What else do you like to do around the area?
I like Zoro’s Gyros on Central Ave. If you go away hungry, that’s your own fault, because they give you more than enough. And they are very friendly.

Watch any movies?
Nope, I work to much.

Any good shows?
Oh, I’m a huge WWE Fan. I’ve been to a show in Chicago. It was awesome!

Where do you work at?
I work at an embroidery business out in Peosta. I love it there. I embroider things like names and numbers to the back of shirts. It’s kind of neat walking around seeing your work on the back of someone’s shirt.

I also work at the Grand Harbor Center on the weekends near the water park. I’m an arts-crafts teacher. If your kids don’t want to spend all their time in the water-park then they can come to my class and make bird-feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird food. We also play games and do various activities.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’d like to go back to Branson, MO to see the musical shows and stuff. I’ve seen Bobby Vinton, Andy Williams, Wayne Newton, The Osmonds. It’s just a great time there.

Any hobbies?
I do a lot of cross-stitching.

Looking forward to the winter at all?
No, not really… I like the fall. I like to watch the leaves fall and go to the apple orchids. I make my own apple pie and easy fudge.

Sounds good, maybe you can come by and let us sample some!
Oh, I’d be delighted to! I make deserts for the Rockdale Church’s Cookie and Candy Walk in the first weekend in December. You can buy cookies and candy by the pound there, it’s amazing.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
I’d probably just sit back and relax for a week. After that it’d get old, so I’d probably get back into the regular routine.

You wouldn’t buy a bigger house or anything?
Oh no, I love my home.  I might add a garage if I won the lottery, maybe buy another vehicle. But nothing too major.

Excited for Halloween?
Oh yes, I have to work during it though so I can’t do much for it. I’m more into Christmas anyway.

Anything you’d like to add?
For the great experience I’ve had out here I’d really, really recommend Runde’s. Easy going, no pressure, just perfect. I had a brother that bought from Runde’s and he loves his Explorer.

Thanks Debbie!