210,000 Miles and Counting: Rodney Coohey’s Chevy Silverado 3500 Keeps on Trucking


Rodney & Kim Coohey, of Cascade, IA own this ’15 Chevy Silverado 3500 that has 210,000 miles.

Rodney Coohey got his 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 SRW 4WD Dbl Cab LT from Runde Chevrolet in 2014.

Fast forward 210,000 miles (and counting!), and it is still running as good as new. He has done almost exclusively routine maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, new tires, and one air filter on the vehicle.

This is his fifth Chevy 3500 since 2007.

odometer“I just don’t have issues with them. I’m probably jinxing myself doing this,” he said, laughing.

Coohey is the owner of two businesses, Midwest Patch, which supplies bagged cold patch to cities and counties, and Hi-Viz Safety, which sells safety-related items like signs, barricades, clothing, and more.

He hits the road most days at 3 or 4 in the morning and puts thousands of miles on his vehicle.

“I can’t afford to be broken down — I’m too busy,” he said.

The heavy duty truck gets put to the test daily.20170822_145359

“I always pull a trailer or I have a heavy payload in the back of the truck,” he said.

Other than following routine maintenance schedules, Rodney doesn’t have too many tips for how to keep a vehicle running so well for so long.

“I go for fuel mileage,” he said. “I’m always on a time schedule. I never use the cruise. I get in it and I drive it.”

He gets the oil changed whenever OnStar tells him to, typically every 7,000-10,000 miles, and rotates the tires with every oil change.

“The service department is just incredible at Runde’s,” he said.

Happy Retirement to Gary Reiter!


Runde PreDriven hosted a goodbye gathering for Reconditioning Manager Gary Reiter today.

The is Gary’s last day of work after working at Runde PreDriven for 10 years! His daughter 20170228_121632arranged for him to be dropped off in a limo this morning so he could arrive for his last day in style.

“When it showed up, I thought, ‘They are going to think I am crazy!'” Gary said.

He said he will miss all the people working here after he retires, but he is looking forward to retirement. He and Sue are planning a trip to New Orleans.


Nate Elder

Nate Elder, who has worked at Runde’s for 16 years, will be taking over the position.

Gary leaves some big shoes to fill.

“I learned all of this in a 10-year period, a lot of it didn’t exist when I started,” Gary said. “So Nate is learning 10 years of that in a short period of time.”

Enjoy your retirement and thank you for all of your hard work, Gary!


Welcoming Tim Crawford to Runde PreDriven

Tim Crawford

There’s a new face at Runde PreDriven in Hazel Green! Please join us in welcoming Tim Crawford to the Runde sales team.

Tim, who is from Dubuque and lives in Galena, is familiar with selling a different kind of product.

“I used to own a retail gift store in Galena, so I’m excited to use my skills from that and shift my focus to automotive,” Tim said.

His favorite part of sales is meeting new people every day. He said he looks forward to providing a great experience for vehicle shoppers.

“Customer service means great service before, during, and after the sale,” Tim said.

He has always had an interest in vehicles. His favorite is the Ford Mustang.

“It’s a classic and it was my first car,” Tim said.

When he’s not at the office, you can find Tim spending time with his family – his fiancé Angie, his 17-year-old daughter Mia, and his 13-year-old son Spencer. You might even see him rolling around on 4 wheels with the kids!

“I like to go roller skating with my children,”  he said. “It’s great exercise.”

Tim is excited to sell from Runde Auto Group’s inventory of more than 800 predriven vehicles.

“Stop by and see me,” he said. “With so many vehicles to choose from I’m sure we’ve got the right one for you.”

You can reach Tim Crawford by calling 866-396-6832 or emailing tcrawford@rundeautogroup.com.