Your Guide to Galena is Here!


“What’s going on tonight in Galena?”

It’s a question that shop owners in the city hear on a daily basis. Now they can give a simple answer: “Check out!”

Galena, a city of just 3,255 people, sees more than a million visitors annually. All of them are looking for places to eat, shop, play, and stay.

Enter, a comprehensive website that outlines everything Galena.Screenshot

It includes:

  • A weekly calendar of events and live music
  • Video interviews with local artists and business owners
  • A full directory of Galena hotels, restaurants, music venues, bars, museums, activities, and more.

Runde Auto Group is proud to be the premier sponsor of Galena Guide!


From left: Galena Guide founders Christopher Wydra, Angela DeVere, Craig Raymon

Galena Guide was founded by three locals: Craig Raymon, Angela DeVere, and Christopher Wydra.

DeVere works as the content writer and editor, specializing in media marketing and promotion in order to “establish tangible ways to focus on what brings people closer together in her community and abroad.”

Raymon works on the tech side of things and he hopes to “share Galena’s wealth of talent, entertainment, and experiences for all to enjoy.”

Wydra is the event producer.

“When it comes to making human connections, I’m open seven days a week,” Wydra said.

If you have an event you want included on the website, events can be submitted on the website for free.

Learn more by visiting Galena Guide on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on their website.

This Truck Means Business for Galena Couple



Kelly Johnson and her husband Steve Hickie came to Runde Auto Group after hearing plenty of praise for salesperson Jake Meyer from their relatives.

“If he can please my in-laws, trust me,” Kelly said about Jake. “My brother-in-law just bragged him up to the high heavens.”

The two, who live in Galena, Ill., leased a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado High Country 4WD Crew Cab for their business.

They own Main Event Hair Salon, in Galena, and Little Keg, a convenience store in Elizabeth, Ill. The truck will mostly be used for work with the convenience store.

“We have to do a lot of hauling, purchasing product for re-sale, and delivering product occasionally,” Steve said.

The two were looking at a Cadillac SUV at a different dealership, but it came down to the experience of driving the vehicle.

“This rides so much nicer,” Kelly said.

She was particular about the truck’s leather interior, as well as getting running boards, mudflaps and a hard Tonneau cover.

“I said as long as I get all the bells and whistles I want, we are good to go,” she said. “I liked the fact that the seating is great. You have so much more legroom in this truck. I’m really impressed with it.”

The couple picked up the truck Wednesday afternoon at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, Ill. Kelly was happy to see how easy the buying process was at Runde Auto Group.

“Jake’s follow-through was great,” she said. “It was just clean and quick.”

Going to the Galena Halloween Parade? … WIN FREE Guns-n-Roses tickets

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by minnowbay

The Galena Halloween Parade will take place tomorrow night on Main St. and Runde Auto Group will be there with a Chevy Volt electric car and a rockin’ Camaro Convertible. To help stir up electricity about the parade, Runde Auto Group is planning to give away 2 FREE TICKETS to the Guns-n-Roses concert (taking place on Nov. 15 in Rosemont, IL).

Contest Rules:  The concert tickets will go to the person who posts the Best Photo or the photo that best captures the entire spirit of the Galena Halloween Parade on Runde Auto Group’s facebook wall. (photo must be posted on the “Runde Auto Group” Facebook Wall to be eligible).  The winner will be chosen and notified on Tuesday, November 1st.  So get your photo in before then.   (must be 18 or older to enter – one contest entry per person please – Runde employees are not eligible.)