Your Guide to Galena is Here!


“What’s going on tonight in Galena?”

It’s a question that shop owners in the city hear on a daily basis. Now they can give a simple answer: “Check out!”

Galena, a city of just 3,255 people, sees more than a million visitors annually. All of them are looking for places to eat, shop, play, and stay.

Enter, a comprehensive website that outlines everything Galena.Screenshot

It includes:

  • A weekly calendar of events and live music
  • Video interviews with local artists and business owners
  • A full directory of Galena hotels, restaurants, music venues, bars, museums, activities, and more.

Runde Auto Group is proud to be the premier sponsor of Galena Guide!


From left: Galena Guide founders Christopher Wydra, Angela DeVere, Craig Raymon

Galena Guide was founded by three locals: Craig Raymon, Angela DeVere, and Christopher Wydra.

DeVere works as the content writer and editor, specializing in media marketing and promotion in order to “establish tangible ways to focus on what brings people closer together in her community and abroad.”

Raymon works on the tech side of things and he hopes to “share Galena’s wealth of talent, entertainment, and experiences for all to enjoy.”

Wydra is the event producer.

“When it comes to making human connections, I’m open seven days a week,” Wydra said.

If you have an event you want included on the website, events can be submitted on the website for free.

Learn more by visiting Galena Guide on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or on their website.

Two Events offer a Sneak Peek of the 6th Annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

Julien Film Car Sticker 2017

This is the first installment of a weekly #FilmFestivalFriday series focusing on the sixth annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, which is April 20-23 in downtown Dubuque.
Runde Auto Group is proud to have been a driving force behind the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival from the start! 

Want to know the inside details of the upcoming Julien Dubuque International Film Festival? Attend the JDIFF Kick Off event at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, in the ballroom of Hotel Julien!

13173748_1041775475907629_4056357115135268816_nAttendees will get to view trailers of some of this year’s Official Selections and nominees, hear about special guests and panels, and participate in a 50/50 raffle!

“We are so thrilled to share what we are planning for this year’s festival,” said Susan Gorrell, executive director of the film festival. “This year’s film quality is phenomenal and this event will really get the excitement rolling as we head into the sixth annual festival.”

There will be complimentary food and beverages. While the event is free, donations are welcome.

Then, on April 18 and 19, the Galena Center for the Arts, 219 Summit St. in Galena, will be showing films during their Sneak-a-Peek Event! At 4 p.m. on April 18, there will be animated kids programming, and at 2 p.m. on April 19, they will be showing shorts for adults.

On both nights, there will be a short and a feature shown at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. There will be complimentary food and a cash bar.  Tickets are $10 at the door.

The 13178552_1042366349181875_1587100306177138168_nsixth annual festival, set for April 20-23 in downtown Dubuque, will show more than 100 documentaries, features, and shorts. The films were selected out of more than 685 submissions from over 40 countries.

Thursday, April 20 is Runde Auto Group Day! All films are FREE that day!

More than $60,000 in cash & prizes will be awarded to the top projects in the following categories: Best Documentary ($10,000), Best Feature ($10,000), Best International ($10,000), Best Short 3-20 minutes ($2,500), Best Short 21-29 minutes ($2,500), Best Family ($5,000) and Audience Choice.

JDIFF was voted as one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine in 2013 and as one of the Top 50 Film Festivals Worth the Submission Fee in 2016.

For more information, visit

Buy tickets here!

Barb Reittinger – Gal from Galena Shares Her Experience

Barb Reittinger from Galena, IL came in the other day to pick up a new car to get her around. She was impressed by how fast and smooth things went and wanted to tell the world about her great experience!

What brought you into Runde’s today?

Actually I was bringing my title in because I was trading in my van for a 2009 Cobalt.

How did you get to working with Al?
I pulled into the lot to look at the vehicles and he introduced himself to me and got hunting for the vehicle I wanted. He found the exact vehicle I wanted and I came in and bought it the next day. I was very impressed. He was quicker than the wind blew in.

On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your experience at Runde’s?
I’d have to give it a 10, it’s a great team here. Toby in finance helped me out and got things done really quick after I talked to Al. Everything was very fast and went smooth.

Are you excited about your new vehicle?
Oh yes, I’m going to be using it for general use but I’m very excited to have it.

Do you have a name for your car?
Yes, it’s named Hazel. During the day it’s green and at night it changes to blue, it must have a special paint job or something.

Any family?
I have a son that’s going to be a sophomore in College at Waukesha, WI. And a daughter that’s going to be a Senior in high school in Galena, IL. I have a boyfriend that has two girls here from Arizona.

Any family trips planned?
We are all going to Chicago soon to see the Museums and Brookfield Zoo. I’m sure I’ll be taking the new car, should be a great time.

Are your kids excited to see the new car?
They actually already saw it. My son was the first one to drive it besides me. He asked me if I ever needed to borrow his car I could. I think he was insinuating that I should let him borrow my car whenever he wanted!

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I’d pay off all of my bills, then probably move South, pretty much anywhere warmer.

Where do you work?
I currently work for the Galena Gazette. But I start working as the General Manager for Kentucky Fried Chicken at the end of the month in Madison, WI.
Congratulations on your new position!
Thanks, it’ll be different but I’m excited for it.

Any movies you guys recommend?
The New Harry Potter was great!

Big Harry Potter fan?
Yes, my whole family is.

If you could go to any one place in the world, where would you go?

Why would you go to Croatia?
I don’t know, I just want to see what’s there. The beaches and the scenes… just absorb everything.

Thank you for sharing your experience Heather! We hope you have a great time in Chicago and we know you’ll love your new Cobalt!