210,000 Miles and Counting: Rodney Coohey’s Chevy Silverado 3500 Keeps on Trucking


Rodney & Kim Coohey, of Cascade, IA own this ’15 Chevy Silverado 3500 that has 210,000 miles.

Rodney Coohey got his 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 SRW 4WD Dbl Cab LT from Runde Chevrolet in 2014.

Fast forward 210,000 miles (and counting!), and it is still running as good as new. He has done almost exclusively routine maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations, new tires, and one air filter on the vehicle.

This is his fifth Chevy 3500 since 2007.

odometer“I just don’t have issues with them. I’m probably jinxing myself doing this,” he said, laughing.

Coohey is the owner of two businesses, Midwest Patch, which supplies bagged cold patch to cities and counties, and Hi-Viz Safety, which sells safety-related items like signs, barricades, clothing, and more.

He hits the road most days at 3 or 4 in the morning and puts thousands of miles on his vehicle.

“I can’t afford to be broken down — I’m too busy,” he said.

The heavy duty truck gets put to the test daily.20170822_145359

“I always pull a trailer or I have a heavy payload in the back of the truck,” he said.

Other than following routine maintenance schedules, Rodney doesn’t have too many tips for how to keep a vehicle running so well for so long.

“I go for fuel mileage,” he said. “I’m always on a time schedule. I never use the cruise. I get in it and I drive it.”

He gets the oil changed whenever OnStar tells him to, typically every 7,000-10,000 miles, and rotates the tires with every oil change.

“The service department is just incredible at Runde’s,” he said.

4 Tips to Shine Some Light on Night Driving

LIGHTS! Check them… all.
The only thing that’s combating you from a wide, clear, range of vision is the darkness. It’s very important to make sure that the sword you are using to tear through that darkness is effective. Check all of your lights for clarity and proper functionality – head, tail, braking, turn, fog… the whole nine yards.  Slap on those hazards, get out and see if all your lights are flashing correctly. If you are without friend/human companion you can check to make sure your brake lights are working by backing up towards a reflective surface (building, window, etc.) and see if you can see your brake lights in the reflection. You may also consider getting your headlights properly aimed. Poorly aligned headlights can blind other drivers and limit your road visibility.  If you’ve had any accident damage to the front of your vehicle, it could have taken one or both of your headlights out of alignment and it’s best to get that checked.  That’s something that the Runde’s Service Department can check for you very easily.

If your headlights are hazing, take them in to get cleaned!  We have headlight buffing kits here in the Runde’s Service Department that can make your headlight cover look like new.  cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by puuikibeach

The only thing in front of your face should be the windshield.
You better not be checking out the score of the football game on that smartphone when you are driving at night … as if there weren’t enough distractions already on the road. How about we keep the amount of things that can get us into a wreck at a minimum, ok?

Use it. Reduce your speed, increase your awareness of objects around you and increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will give you extra time to react if the vehicle in front of you does something unexpected.

Vision not what it used to be?
We all get older and things don’t function quite like they used to. Yah, it stinks, but we must properly adjust our slowly diminishing features, such as vision, to adapt to night driving. If things are starting to become blurry or hard to see at night, go in for an eye exam. If  you already have glasses, you may consider adding an anti-glare coating to your lenses to reduce the amount of glare from lights. I know my first pair of glasses did not have the anti-glare and it was horrifying driving at night… It seemed like flying saucers were everywhere because the light would stretch out horizontally from the center of oncoming lights. I added anti-glare to my next pair of glasses – no more aliens.

We might as well add a #5 tip:  When you’re driving through densely populated neighborhoods with lots of kids at night, drive slowly.   With visibility decreased at night, you never know what or who could be running out into the street chasing after a stray ball or frisbee.  I remember years ago when I lived down in Florida, I would always drive down the same street every evening around 6pm to get to work and even though the speed limit was 35mph, I (like most of the traffic) always drove around 45 to 50 because it was never really monitored by police.  It was a fairly busy street that went for a couple miles with lots of houses on both sides and I never gave a 2nd thought about speeding to get to work until … one night around dusk I was speeding along as usual and I started to notice home-made signs posted in people’s yards.  I had to slow down to read them.  The signs said, “Slow down!  She was only FIVE.”  It’s years later and that still sticks in my mind whenever I drive through city neighborhoods.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2013 Buick Encore – Small SUV Packs a Big Punch!

The 2013 Buick Encore has officially been priced! Starting at $24,950 you can take home the new SUV packed with 18″ wheels, full color 7 inch screen, active noise cancellation and a rear-view camera, all included on the base model! Buick announced three other packages in addition to the base model, they are as follows:

  • Going up a level to the Convenience Package that costs $25,760, will score you dual-zone climate control, auto-dimming rear view mirror, remote start, 120-volt outlet & fog lights.
  • Next Level up is the Leather Group at $27,460. It features heated seats & steering wheel, power passenger seat, bovine-sourced upholstery and driver’s seat memory.
  • The last model in the lineup is the Premium Group @ $28,940. This group combines the leather and convenience packages and adds collision alert, rain-sensing wipers, cargo net & mat, lane departure warning, park assist and Bose Stereo.

Optional features across all the packages included Navigation @ $795, Sunroof @ $800, & All-Wheel-Drive @ $1,500.

According to Edmunds.com, the Encore is powered by a 1.4L, 4-cylinder Turbo Engine140 hp, 148 lbs.-ft. Torque in a 6-speed automatic.  The front-wheel drive comes in at 25/33 MPG City/Highway with a combined average of 28MPG. No MPG ratings were announced for the AWD version yet.

Look for the Buick Encore in early 2013!