East Dubuque Summer Program Offers Students Adventures with Learning


Runde Auto Group is a proud sponsor of the inaugural Warriors Summer Adventure Camp!

20170714_092457The camp, which is held on Monday-Thursday mornings from July 10 to Aug. 3, will focus on reading and math using non-traditional teaching formats.

This year, 32 children in grades 1-6 signed up.

So far, they have completed “getting to know you” activities, started their Summer Adventure Journals, created bracelets, participated in a math scavenger hunt, read books, and performed shows.20170713_083735

“Every day before we start camp and before we leave, we find ‘hidden numbers’ using a laser thermometer,” said Kristi Alvarado, one of three teachers at the camp. “Campers take turns using the thermometer to record the temperature of the concrete and blacktop. We find the difference in temperature and analyze which one had the greatest change.  This activity has led to personal inquiry! Gracie was curious how cold her bottle of ice water was.  Her curiosity was contagious and the class 20170714_093455was wanting to know!”

Another fun activity was “Find Someone.” Campers worked their way around the room asking each other questions on a list. Once they found a person who could answer yes, they wrote their name down.

“We learned a lot about each other,” Alvarado said.

Reading has been a major part of the camp. Campers have gotten a chance to read silently, but also to share what they are reading with the class.

“I picked a book for a read aloud and sat in the chair,” Alvarado said. “I immediately had20170714_100950 students ask if they could read the book aloud to the class. Absolutely! What great expression with reading and everyone enjoyed it!”

Students have been creating performances featuring Pigeon and Duckling stuffed animals from the popular book series by Mo Willems. Rylee and Kiley, along with their production assistant , Ashlyn, worked on a performance of “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog.”

“This performance went over so well and inspired the campers to get thinking of what they want to perform,” Alvarado said.

*Photos provided by the East Dubuque School District.


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