Moonshiner Tyler Wood Got His Truck at Runde’s!

Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood, who stars on the show “Moonshiners” on Discover Channel, drove all the way from Kentucky for a truck from Runde Auto Group on Monday!

Tyler, who stopped in with his father Galen, traded in his blue 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 4WD Crew Cab with a custom grill. He wasn’t planning to get a newer truck until Galen got a 2015 Silverado and he drove it.

Moonshiners “You know what they say, once you get in a new truck, you gotta stay in one so you gotta upgrade every once in a while,”  he said. “I’m a big fan of Chevrolet.”

The reason he ended up in East Dubuque for the 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 LTZ 4WD Z71 Crew Cab is that it was rare to find the truck with all the specifications he wanted.

“I wanted the blue and I wanted the LTZ and you know, you have certain things you want,” he said. “I wanted the cab lights, I wanted the sunroof, navigation, Z71 package. There’s only like two of those trucks in the United States just like that … I don’t mind driving all day to get a good deal.”

Jake and Tyler WoodHis salesperson was Jake Meyer at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, IL.

“I liked him,” Tyler said and then joked:  “I didn’t have to get physical with him so that’s good. He was professional and nice.”

Tyler and his father live in a small town near Bowling Green, Kentucky. They drove back the same day they arrived.

Their show, “Moonshiners,” follows the lives of people who produce moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky.

According to the Discovery Channel, Tyler comes from a long line of Kentucky moonshiners and bootleggers. For more than three generations, his family has made liquor in the forests of Kentucky – even his grandmother was a moonshiner. Tyler has been building his own stills and making liquor for about nine years.

“It’s fun to make moonshine because I care a lot about it,” Tyler said. “I like to see how much better I can make it each time.”

Before he was in the moonshine business, Tyler was a civilian contractor based in Iraq, providing logistics support for American forces and maintaining armored convoys, as well as supplying food and ammunition.

Tyler Wood MoonshinersTyler recently released a country EP called “Outlaw Soul,” as well as a video for his single, “Still Ridin’ Shotgun.”

“I always liked to sing and I got on the TV show and I thought ‘Well if I’m ever gonna do this, I might as well do it now because I got something to promote it,’” he said. “I flew to Orlando, I went to Starlight Studios, saved up some money and made an album and it turned out pretty good. I didn’t know what to think because I didn’t know how to judge my own voice. A lot of people that heard it were like, ‘Man, why didn’t you do this before?’”

Tyler’s 2013 Silverado made several appearances on the show, so we will have to watch and see if this one shows up on TV!

“We don’t know what they’re gonna show,” Tyler said.

He said he is getting used to being recognized in public.

“I don’t go many places where people don’t stop me and say, ‘Hey can we take a picture,’” Tyler said. “Everywhere I go. We can be sitting somewhere eating and somebody will stop and say, ‘Are you that guy from Moonshiners?’ I like it, I like to meet new people and I’m working on building a brand and hopefully one day with some legal moonshine.”

Enjoy your new Silverado, Tyler!

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