Runde Auto Group Supports VetsRoll!

2014 Group Photo

Runde Auto Group is proud to be a supporter of VetsRoll!

Called “sort of like a ground version of the wonderful Honor Flight program,” by co-founder Mark Finnegan, the program takes WWII veterans, “Rosie-the-Riveters” (women who worked to support the war effort stateside), and veterans through 1963 to Washington D.C. by bus.

Cy Finnegan

Cy Finnegan

Mark and John’s father, “Cy” Thomas Nicholas Finnegan, was a WWII Navy veteran. He passed away after a battle with cancer, never having gotten the opportunity to see the memorial that was built in honor of the WWII generation.

“We wanted a special way to honor and remember him,” Mark said.

And so, VetsRoll was born. This year they will take their 1,125th veteran on the bus trip, free of charge. This trip will include 370 people from 19 states.

“It’s become my life’s work,” Mark said.

The four-day caravan from May 17-20 includes 10 buses and 1 luxury motor coach, plus a wheelchair lift support van.

While they usually leave out of Beloit, this year they will depart from Rockton. Their first stop will be Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH. Then they will head to Arlington National Cemetery where the gates will be open for all the busses.

“That’s quite the honor,” Mark said.

On the way back, they get a state police escort from Pennsylvania back to Beloit.

Bus CaravanOverall, the trip includes visits to:

  • Dayton, OH Wright-Patterson AFB Air Museum
  • National Marine Corps War Memorial
  • Korean, Vietnam and Lincoln Memorials
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • WWII Memorial in Washington
  • Welcome home celebration

For more information about VetsRoll, visit

Saluting from Bridge

Water Arch

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  1. A VERY big thank you to our friends at Runde…our program is unique in the entire country and is 100% volunteer…so support like this is crucial.

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