Congrats to Salesperson/Artist Nick Roche!

Runde Chevrolet salesperson Nick Roche was awarded second place in the professional category of Art Slam at Voices X on Saturday!

This was his first time competing in the 90-minute live painting competition.

Nick Roche

Nick Roche

“It went well,” Nick said. “It went really fast.  It was kind of hard to know when to stop because you only had so long and so you didn’t want to put too much in and not be able to fix mistakes. With about 10 minutes to the end, I was pretty much done.”

The subjects of the painting were models posing in the warehouse at the corner of 10th and Jackson streets. Nick’s favorite part was the feedback he received.

“A guy was watching me – my dad overheard him, actually – and he said he knew by my style who I had learned that under,” Nick said. “He came up to me after and said he was interested to see how I progressed as an artist and he had a lot of positive things to say. After that, I didn’t care about winning or anything.”

He mentioned the most difficult part was figuring out where to start and position the objects he was drawing. Nick said he would do the competition again if he had the chance.

For more information about Voices X and its upcoming events, visit Runde Auto Group is the premier sponsor of the event.

Photos are courtesy of Kevin Roche.

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