Norm Hinderman Retires After Blessing Runde’s with 13 Years of Service!


Norm Hinderman has been a Runde’s driver for over a decade! The time has come for Norm to retire and leave Runde’s to get some well earned R&R. We had a celebratory lunch in Norms honor where Norm and his wife, Shirley Hinderman, blessed us with their presence, sharing stories and laughs. Here are a few words from Norm:

How long have you been working for Runde’s?
Back on February 20th of 2001. Boy, it’s been 13 years now!

What are your plans now that you are retired?
Grow my garden, play around and take it easy. But I’m a guy that likes to keep busy so I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around here every once and awhile.

IMG_0280What was the best part about working for Runde’s?
Oh I had a great time, but it’s definitely the people, there are such good people here.

Do you have any vacations planned?
We never went out west yet, so we plan to go that direction at some point. I never saw the Black Hills in North Dakota, so I’d like to see that.

Do you have a lot of family in the area?
I have one son in Peoria. I lost a daughter; she would have been 24 years old since yesterday.

Is your wife retired as well?
Yep. We will be doing a lot together. We have a garden at our house in East Dubuque near the Water Tower we’ll be working on quite a bit. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, horseradish…

Any last words you’d like to leave Runde’s and/or its employee’s?
I really enjoyed working here. I never thought I’d be working for this long but they have treated me good and I love the people.

Thanks for all of your dedication and sharing your amazing personality with all of us here at Runde’s, Norm! We will miss you – hopefully you can still sneak us some Vegetables from your garden. Have fun in retirement and remember you always have a family here at Runde’s!

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