Rafic & Holly Sinno – Traverse For The Perfect Growing Family.


We had a very special customer walk through the Runde Doors recently. Rafic and Holly Sinno swung by to pick up a 2010 Traverse from their salesman-now-friend, Ken Wiederholdt. With just adding their newest addition to the family, Zakariya, (who was born in late January) the growing family was in need of a more comfortable ride. Rafic is a professor at the University of Dubuque and his wife, Holly, works at the Kennedy Mall as the Marketing Director.


Rafic With Zakariya

What made you choose the Traverse?
We were initially looking at several different models, we were actually first looking at the Acadia’s. We wanted something with relatively low miles and not overly used because it needed to be reliable for my family. Something that Holly’s two daughters – Ashley and Alison could easily get into the back seat was also a must so we wanted captains chairs.

How many kids are going to be in the vehicle?
Ashley, Alison, Ameena and Zakariya so 3 girls and one boy.

How was your salesman, Ken Wiederholdt?
Ken made it very easy to identify the perfect vehicle with us. It actually came as a surprise because when we came to see the vehicles we originally picked out, he suggested one more vehicle he spotted that he thought would work for our needs. I knew as soon as I saw the vehicle he suggested that it was the perfect match. Holly was very impressed by it as well, so we really appreciated the extra effort on his part to search beyond our needs even when we already picked out some vehicles. My wife is a bit shorter so the running boards on the vehicle Ken showed us were definitely a plus as well.

What made you ultimately choose Runde’s opposed to the other dealers You were shopping around with?



Ken followed up with us several times, even when we were so busy and didn’t have a chance to get back with him. The other dealers followed up as well but Ken had more of a consultative approach and seemed like he genuinely wanted to lineup the perfect vehicle for our needs without being pushy. That, added with having a great selection of vehicles to choose from, really helped. It seemed like it was easier to identify the different types of cars when we got to the lot.

How did you like the entire process of purchasing a vehicle at Runde’s?
I thought it was going to be a complicated process at first with the financing and getting all of those things you don’t really think too much about done. But we came in on a Saturday morning, saw the Traverse and took it on a test-drive. It’s funny because that wasn’t even a vehicle we were considering like I mentioned before. But everything was very straight-forward and Ken worked out a great deal for us. The financing was quick and easy and I got the vehicle secured and on the way home very promptly.


Their New Vehicle – 2010 Traverse!

On a scale of 1-10, what do you think you’d give your experience?
Definitely a 10. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. The prompt follow-ups from Ken and ending up with an even better vehicle than we hoped for was great.

The vehicle actually didn’t have leather seats which is something we originally wanted but Ken suggested us to go with the Polycoat option which protects us from any stains that occur, as well as other things which will help us keep the vehicle in great shape if we ever decide to resell it.


Rafic, Alison, Ashley, Holly

What will the new vehicle be used for primarily?
We go to the Quad Cities quite often to visit Holly’s parents so it’s nice to have a vehicle we can be comfortable in. The bumper to bumper warranty really relieves the mind as well.  The All-Wheel drive is excellent in this terrible Winter snow that we’ve been having.

Did you use the Runde Website?
We used the Runde website a couple of times to search for some of the vehicles. When we had three vehicles we were looking at it’s nice to see side-by-side what each one offers online. It was a great.

That’s all the questions I had for you, thank you very much for choosing Runde’s! We wish you and your family nothing but the best and hope your new Traverse serves you well!

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