Allen Reyen – Happily Travels Over 1,000 Miles to Purchase from Runde’s

Allen Reyen From Stamford, Connecticut.

Allen would travel one-thou-sand-miles and Allen would travel one-thou-sand-more just to be the man who traveled two-thou-sand-miles (round-trip) and ended up at Runde’s door.

Allen Reyen couldn’t exactly hop in his car and come down to buy a vehicle at Runde’s as most local to the Tri-State area could. No, getting here is little more than an adventure as Allen is from over 1,000 miles away, living in Stamford Connecticut. Runde’s was the only one that had the vehicle he was after, so he made the voyage and is DRIVING home with the new truck! The best part? He couldn’t have been happier making the trip to Runde’s.

I hear your from pretty far away?
I am. I live 1,003 miles away in Stamford, Connecticut.

What made you travel over 1,000 miles to get a vehicle at Runde’s?
I’ve looked for a few years online for vehicles. I am very selective. I typically look at the major vehicle website like, etc. I looked for a Tahoe awhile back that was actually about 100 miles away from your dealership here and flew in to pick that up and drove it home. So I’m familiar with the drive. I also bought a vehicle in central Pennsylvania just a month ago. My wife thought that was quite a ride!


So you flew into Chicago or directly to Dubuque?
I stopped in Chicago then transferred to the Dubuque Airport.

How did you get to Runde’s from the airport?
The dealership actually sent someone out to pick me up.

So you saw the vehicle and knew you wanted it?
I only had to look at it for a few minutes. It was excellent.

The Culprit

The Culprit

What vehicle did you end up buying?
a 2007 Chevy 1500.

So you’ll be driving back, how long of a drive is that?
I’ll drive to Chicago for the evening and stay with relatives then resume the rest of the trip the following day. From here to Chicago is about 3-4 hours, and then from Chicago to Connecticut is about 13-14 hours.

Do you do that in one shot or do you take a couple days for the trip?
Sometimes I do my trips in one shot, but typically I will get some rest if I get tired. I typically drive from Connecticut to Scarlett, North Carolina which is a 11-12 hour drive for my personal business.

Are you originally from Connecticut?
I am. I actually live in Pound Ridge, New York but the houses across the street from me are in Connecticut because the state line is right there.

Notice a big difference with the Mid-West experience compared to New York?
Everyone in the Mid-West seems so laid back. The East-Coast is in such a rush. Everyone is in a hurry. I was driving in New York city a little while ago… let’s just say it’s nice being here where there’s much less traffic.

How did our vehicle come up in your online search?
In my daily search your vehicle popped up in my very specific criteria. So I called your dealership and went from there. It was a very good dealership to deal with.

Reyen's Salesman - Derrick Klauer

Reyen’s Salesman – Derrick Klauer

How was your salesman, Derrick Klauer?
Derrick is very good at following up and answering any of my questions. He is very kind. I was thinking about circling the lot once before I left to see if anything else catches my eye and keep Derrick in the loop as to anything else I might want.

What would you rank your experience on a scale of 1-10?
A 10, definitely.
You are married, then?
Yes. I’ve been married to Cindy for 43 years.

What does your wife think of these vehicle buying adventures?
She just says do what you want to do, you’re going to anyway.

Remember your first date with your wife?
It wasn’t a date so much, we met each other through the street racing scene back in the day. One day she asked me if I could go look at a used car with her dad. So I went with her and met her dad and saw the car, it was a ’65 Corvette and this was in 1968 so it was pretty nice at the time. She ended up buying it and one thing led to another and we ended up getting married.

How’s the weather in Connecticut?
Very much like it is here, although not as pretty.


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Are you excited for the holidays?
We generally just get as much of the family as we can.
*Allen takes a call from his god-daughter, during their conversation Allen says:

Take a guess where I am?
If you look on a map I’m west of where you are where Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois join. Long story… but I’m buying a truck.

Any kids?
Nope, my god-daughter and I are very close though, she’s the closest thing I have to a kid.

Any Pets?
Yes, I have one Golden Lab that’s 7-years-old.

Anything else you’d like to add?
It was just an excellent experience. I’m thankful for Runde’s and everyone that helped out. I’ll certainly look at Runde’s first for any more vehicles that I am interested in.

Thanks Allen, hope you had a great trip back to Connecticut!

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