Jason Sertle & Fiancée Win Runde’s Bears vs. Packers Ticket Giveaway!

DSC03177We have our winners! Jason Sertle and his fiancée, Mackenzie Kass will be going to the Bears vs. Packers game at Lambeau Field on November 4th! Their picture received over 2,100 likes in just over a week’s time, talk about impressive! Jason and Mackenzie came in the other day to pick up their tickets. While they were here they talked about their plans for the trip and their opposing team preferences.

Where are you both from?
Jason: I’m originally from Platteville, WI. We recently purchased a house in East Dubuque, across the street from Kalmes’s.

So you’re engaged … when and where do you plan to tie the proverbial knot?
August 23rd, 2014.

Have a place planned out for the wedding?
Yep, we’re getting married in our backyard and having the reception at the fairgrounds.

DSC03180Have you dealt with Runde’s before?
Jason: I have. I bought my Ford Fusion from Sean Dailey at the Manchester store. Runde’s had the car I wanted at the best price. He was very accommodating to my needs. It was a great experience!

How do you guys like the car?
We love it.

How did you find out about the Runde’s Ticket Giveaway contest?
Jason: I found it on Facebook. I’ve been a fan of Runde’s for three years.  Figured why not give it a try!

Who was all in the photo with you and where was it taken?
The gray-spikey-haired guy is my dad, Rick. The guy in the white jersey is a friend of mine named Damien Haverland. The guy with wig on is Damien’s brother, Paul Haverland. Both of them knew the Runde’s somewhere down the line, they bought all their cars from Runde’s. The other friends shown are Nate and Stacy Steffen and Alex Kass.

Who are you taking with you to the game?
The guy in the photo, Damien, and his wife, Emily Haverland. It was recently Damien’s birthday, so it kind of works out as a nice celebration for him.

sertWho likes which team and how long have you been a fan of that team?
Jason Sertle: I’m the Packers fan and she’s the Bears fan. It’s a little brutal when it comes to football in the house… There can be some negativity when it comes to each others teams. Especially when one loses and the other one wins. You learn to kind of keep it to yourself. But I think she’s in for a rude awakening come November 4th with a stadium full of Packer fans.

So were you both brought up being fans of the teams you like today?
Yep. Both of us.

Mackenzie's Team

Mackenzie’s Team

Jason: My relatives live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, so it’s not my first time to Lambeau Field. Ever since I was walking I was a fan. When I was in elementary and middle school we would make Packer snow sculptures. We would actually go all out and make the whole offensive line and paint them in green.

Mackenzie: My dad is a Bears fan, that’s where I get it from. I actually started out as a hardcore Dolphins fan because that’s the team my brother liked.  Then I gained some sense and knowledge when I was in middle school from my dad and switched over to the Bears.

Jason:  do you have your own cheese head hat?
I do. I actually have a cheese butt as well. You strap it on and it has some cushion for your butt when you sit.

Jason's Team

Jason’s Team

Who are your favorite players on each team?
Mackenzie: Devin Hester is probably my favorite, Marshall, Briggs.
Jason: Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Jordy Nelson, A.J. Hawk, Randall Cobb… they are all awesome.

Will Cutler being out have an effect on the outcome or can Josh McCown get the job done?
Mackenzie: I hope he can get the job done. Not a big Cutler fan, kind of wish he had stayed in Denver but he’s here so… it might be very bad for us. I’m nervous, could be a rough end to the season.

They'll try to do it without ya buddy

They’ll try to do it without ya buddy

Now that Brian Urlacher is retired, does Clay Matthews sort of fill his shoes as the overall dominant defensive player in the NFC Central Division?
Jason: I think he’s one of the best out of all the teams.
Mackenzie: He’s a good player, I’ll give him that, but it’s hard to say.

Did the loss of Jennings to the Vikings hurt the Packers, or do they have a strong enough receiving core to overcome it without missing a beat?
Jason: They don’t miss him. They hurt more from the injury’s this year than losing Jennings. Jennings was good, but we don’t want people who are going to jump ship so willingly, its bad taste.

Have you heard the rumor circulating that the Bears could still go out and get 44-year-old Brett Favre since Cutler will miss the next four weeks? Wouldn’t that be something else if Favre returned to Lambeau on November 4th as a Bear?
We have not heard that! That would be pretty crazy.

Do you already have plans laid out for the trip?
We do. We didn’t plan anything until Sunday, we were ahead by about 7-800 likes at that time. We wanted to start looking for travel options if we won. We looked on Sunday and booked it today (Tuesday). There’s not a hotel within 40 miles that has vacancy. I (Jason) have family that is in Green Bay that we could have stayed with but we found a Motel 6 in Oshkosh that shuttles out there. It’s about an hour away but we can drink all the way out there and home!


You coming back, Favre?

Who’s gonna win the game? Prediction for the final score?
Mackenzie: Bears: 24-21. We need some of their key players to be injured to make up for Cutler.
Jason: Packers: 17-10

Pretty excited to go to the game?
Oh yeah. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve been to a game. It seems like I (Jason) always get opportunities to go but something else always comes up. I’ve got relatives that have season tickets. We will probably be meeting up with some relatives and friends that also have tickets.

From the get-go, did you plan on winning the contest?
Pretty much, we were going to try our hardest, anyway. It started out that the person that was closest to us was a bears fan. Jason didn’t want the tickets to go to a bears fan so we tried extra hard.

Well, great job getting that many likes in such a short amount of time! Enjoy the game, we hope neither one of you gets too upset by the final outcome of the game, might be an awkward shuttle home!

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