The Excellent Adventures of Aaron Young & Family

Runde Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep salesman, Aaron Young, is a Jeep man at heart.  It’s a trait that has radiated through his family as his parents are also Jeep people. Aaron story of how he and his parents acquired their new Jeeps is a story of love, endurance, and sacrifice. A touching story that really shows the pride and way of life that is a commonality between many Jeep owners.

20130816_103030      The story of how my 19234_1206294673460_4846376_nparents purchased a new Jeep is an interesting one, but let me start by giving you a little background. We are a Jeep family. For me it began nearly 20 years ago when I purchased a plain boxy 1989 Jeep Cherokee and built a bumper for the front and started customizing it. Through the magic of the internet this lead into a full time business for myself building off-road products for Jeep for nearly 15 years. I met a lot of great people from all over the world who shared the same love for Jeeps and adventuring down the less traveled paths. While on vacation in Colorado, my parents rented a Jeep Wrangler and drove up into the mountains…they were instantly hooked and bought their first Jeep, a Liberty. With a few suspension modifications and skid plates it was a capable rig but my Mom was still in love with the Wrangler and wanted that open air feeling and simplicity it offered.

So in 2004 she bought her first Wrangler and we quickly modified it to suit their needs to travel up the mountain paths in Colorado, Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, Washington….did I mention they take it everywhere? Their vacations were rarely planned, just a rough idea of what area of the country, pack the bags and go on an adventure with the Jeep. I can remember one day they told me about having driven into the evening and only found a small town nearby with a motel that was full. They traveled off-road, found a nice spot and caught a few hours rest under the stars with the top down. That truly embodies the spirit of Jeep, adventure and the outdoors.

971269_10200470112771300_1180117088_nAnd so we fast forward to the present as she looked to replace her 2004 Wrangler with a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited we ran into a few snags, the colors she wanted were no longer available. I had been thinking about what I would do if I bought one and shared with her my ideas for customizing a Billet Silver Wrangler. She liked the ideas and went ahead with us locating one for her. That weekend Runde’s sponsored a local car cruise/show and we took several vehicles on the cruise to show our support. My sales manager, Sean Dailey, put me in a Wrangler Unlimited Moab Edition with my girlfriend and our kids. About halfway through the cruise and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, including my own, I knew I was going to get one. I think Sean did this on purpose knowing I was a Jeep guy at heart, so I blame him! Since my mom went with the Billet Silver, I decided to go back to an idea for a military theme and find a Commando Green one.

38230_1346887228186_4422506_nAs luck would have it, my Commando Green Wrangler showed up first and it just so happened to be on the same day I sold my car. A busy day of work, we didn’t have time to complete all of the paperwork so I took the Jeep home with a dealer plate and since I had the next day off, I’d just complete it then. The following day I swung by my mom’s store to show her the Jeep and the moment she stepped outside her eyes lit up. She fell in love with it, the color, everything….and then she said the magic words, “I absolutely love this color, but I’ll settle for the silver … it will be nice.” After seeing her face light up and how excited she was, I knew I had to switch Jeeps with her. She took delivery of her Commando Green Unlimited with a big smile on her face, while I took the Billet Silver (the color I originally wanted). Both of us starting with a blank canvas, eager to build it into something unique and begin a new adventure!

Props to Aaron for being generous enough to swap Jeeps with his mom just so she could have the color she fell in love with!  We are proud to have you on our team and part of the community. If anyone has any Jeep questions, be sure to give our Manchester store a call at (866) 580-9767 and ask for Aaron!


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