Jay Leno Strikes Envy Once Again… Drives the First Z/28 Camaro Outside of GM.

len2Oh, what it would be like to be Jay Leno. No more worrying about vehicles breaking down or not having a ride if something happens to our daily driver as he has plenty of VERY nice “daily drivers”. SO, it’s with a bitter-sweet attitude that I share that Jay Leno has recently driven the Camaro Z/28!

len1He is the very first (excuse my gritting teeth) person to drive the Camaro Z28 outside of the GM wonderland. It’s a pretty special occasion as 2002 was the last year of the Z/28 until now. He speaks with Al Oppenheiser, the chief Engineer of the Camaro who explains how they made this perfect track and street car. They reduced mass by 100lbs over the Camaro SS v8, upped the power by putting in the 7-Liter LS7 engine which will put out at least 500 Horsepower.

AC is not standard here folks, this is for the enthusiasts. It’s about as close to a track car that’s street legal. It’s also not available as an automatic, which I’m sure most track drivers can respect. It’s decked out with slick 19″ Pirelli 305 wheels as well as new to the Camaro Recaro seats with manual adjustments. Pricing is going to be north of $56,000 and production is limited to 1,500 or under per year.


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