Catching up with Aussie Keith Hawley

Keith Hawley is yet another wonderful, cheery customer… with one little difference… he lives over 15,374 miles away in Australia!  You may recall that he purchased his Z06 Corvette from Sean Dailey at our Manchester location about 18 months ago.

We love to hear back from customers and know that their cars they purchased from Runde’s are being put to good use and that’s very much the case with Keith who recently emailed his salesman saying:

Hi Sean,

Here is a video my Nephew took last year at a Rally I did.  It has

a bit of family crap and “artistic” stuff, but is entertaining.

Regards Keith

Targa Southwest 2012 from cale hawley on Vimeo.

We’re glad that Keith is enjoying his Z06 and taking it to the edge once in awhile.  Also thanks to his nephew Cale who put together a very nice video.  There was clearly a lot of editing involved with all of the cuts and transitions so it’s easy to tell that a lot of work went into the making of this.  We also enjoyed all of the shots and wondered how many cameras were used and how the camera was mounted on the shot that came fromt the front wheel or front fender of Keith’s Vette.  Anyway, the is an excellent video and definitley worth a look.

Below is part of an interview that we did with Keith when he originally bought his car from us:

How did you find Runde’s? Auto

What made you purchase from us? You had the vehicle I was looking for and Sean impressed me as a straight shooter.

How are you liking the Corvette? I’m in love.

How was your salesperson, Sean Dailey? 9.9 out of ten.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your overall experience? Same as above.

What’s the weather like in Australia? In Perth, where I live, similar to California.  Winter minimum temp 2 deg C, summer max temp 44 deg C.  Annual rainfall 850 mm, 34 inches.

Married? Kids? Pets? Married 2 kids (adult).

What kind of activities do you do in Australia? Tarmac car rally’s (Corvette)  Jet skiing, drink beer.

Favorite Australian food? Pretty much everything.  I love food.

Sean Dailey Manchester Runde

Keith pictured with his Z06 Vette

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