Word of the Day … Zomba!


Over the past few years zombies seem to have become more popular and as their popularity continues to increase, the public’s perception of them has changed to the point that they are now viewed by many as cool.

And because cool individuals are often trendsetters, we have come up with a new word … Zomba, which means “so cool a zombie would drive it”.

With the new 2014 Stingray Corvette set to be revealed in Geneva, Switzerland shortly after midnight tonight (even though photos of it that have already been leaked to the public), we would like to dub this car as being Totally Zomba!

Note: Zombies are ficticions characters and do not exist in real life.  And furthermore if they were alive, many people have argued that they wouldn’t be able to drive.  Well, this author would like to point out how much of an unfair stereotype that is toward a ficticious being and even if it were a statement of fact, a zombie could and arguably would sit in the driver’s seat of the Stingray convertible hence giving the illusion that it is driving or about to drive the car and voilà … the 2014 Vette Stingray convertible is undeniably Zomba!

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