How the!?! Large Owl Alive After Being Hit by Expedition Going 60MPH

Driving on a highway is a great icebreaker to introduce your vehicle to bugs and other foreign objects that your vehicle wouldn’t otherwise mingle with. Stretching that statement nearly as far out as I can think of – a Florida woman created the first unintentional Owl habitat under a vehicle hood.

The woman was traveling at 60 MPH late on a Thursday night when she hit a bird. She didn’t realize that the bird she hit was, infact, a Great Horned Owl that was still alive. It wasn’t until a family told her that something was behind the grill of her car when she was doing errands the next day that she realized the situation.

After seeing the owl, the woman called for a Wildlife officer who came and rescued the bird.   Unbelievably, the owl didn’t appear to have any injuries and looked to be in good health. The bird was sent to a veterinary clinic just to verify the birds health.

If cats have 9 lives I wonder how many Owls have…

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