What Does Runde Chevrolet and the Superbowl Have in Common?

Darius trucksun w guys

Notre Dame Captain & Defensive End – Kapron Lewis-Moore and 49ers Line-Backer – Darius Fleming

The Superbowl displayed one of the greatest games between two phenomenal teams. Being down 28-6 shortly after halftime, things were looking pretty dreary to the 49ers. But with new-found momentum and an urge to win, the 49ers had a wildly impressive comeback putting the heat on the Ravens. While the Ravens still won with the score being tight at 34-31, it was quite a sight to see the 49ers completely dominate the second half of the game. A sight which inspired fans as well as players such as the upcoming linebacker Darius Fleming who was there with his team watching his comrades fight back.  Darius would have probably been battling with his 49er commrades out on the field down in N’awlins if it weren’t for a season ending knee injury that he suffered earlier in the season.

If you follow what’s up with NFL players and their vehicles, you may know that Darius used to drive a decked out 2010 Black Camaro that he bought from Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque, IL just last year. Darius was back this week to trade in the Camaro for a brand new 2013 Silverado 1500 with a 6″ lift kit. According to the 6’2″ 245lb Fleming, the Camaro was getting a little tight for him and his friends and he wanted something bigger with more space. He found both in the new Silverado and drove off with his buddy Kapron Lewis-Moore who just graduated from Notre Dame playing as a Defensive End for the Fighting Irish and was appointed one of the teams captains. Kapron (Kap) had an impressive 8.5 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 9 quarterback hurries and 2 forced fumbles this season.

The two, comfortably, got into the truck and drove off back to Chicago.  Runde’s would like to thank Darius for the purchase of his new truck.  It’s bound to get a bunch of 2nd looks when it rolls through the streets of the Bay area … very sharp looking truck … very sharp!  We would like to wish Darius the best of luck with the seasons to come with the 49ers – we’ll be cheering for him (even when the 49ers play the Packers).  Also, we are rooting for the future of Kapron Lewis-Moore, with such an impressive speed and the strength of a lion, he’ll fit right in with the NFL.

Darius Fleming San Francisco 49ers

Darius Fleming’s new California Cruiser

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