Pat & Pam May – Dubuque Twins Who Walk the Walk Now Drive Chevy Sonics.


Pat & Pam May are some of the cheeriest people you could ever meet. In fact, there’s not a trace of melancholy within miles and miles of these two twins. They came in to purchase a pair of Sonics from Runde Chevrolet’s Sales Manager, John Riley, and were ecstatic to share how wonderful of an experience they had.

You two are twins, correct? How can I tell you two apart?
Yes. Pam has the short hair and Pat has the ponytail.

Which one of you was born first?
We were born two minutes apart.

Pam: I’m the smarter one.
Pat: She’s the older one, too!
*Both Laugh*

CourtsideHow was it being twins growing up?
It was great. We always got along really good. We’ve both been divorced for 14 years and we’ve lived together for 12 years.

So do you live together now?
Pam: I had to kick her out, my house was too small!

Where do you work?
We both work at Courtside near Asbury.

I heard there was snow out there the other day, what’s up with that?
It’s something to promote snowboarders to get out to Sundown and sign up for passes.  They could watch movies at Courtside and try out the snow. They actually brought in a snow making machine from Sundown!

What led you into Runde’s today?
I dealt with John when I bought my car 9 months ago. I like him, I like it over here and I like the cars. My daughters bought one of the Sonics and I liked it enough to buy one myself!

John Riley Chevrolet East Dubuque

John Riley

How would you rate your experience at Runde’s on a scale of 1-10?
10. Absolutely great. Very, very good. Everyone’s nice and friendly.

And how’d you like your salesman, John Riley?
We LOVE John! Our boss, Jerry David, actually sent us to John.  When I was looking for a car, I asked him who I could go to for a good deal on a car and he recommended John and I’ve been happy ever since.

So you bought a pair of Sonics, what made you want the Sonic?
Pat: My daughter bought one probably 5 months ago and I got jealous. So I looked in the paper and saw 0% interest on the Sonics and that really turned us on to get it. We do a lot of things the same so we both went in to get the same vehicle in different colors.

What other big life decisions did you two make together?
Pretty much everything we do is the same. Almost all of the jobs we’ve had we’ve worked at together. It’s more like friends than it is sisters.
We like to walk – In the winter we go to the mall and do laps there, otherwise we like to walk outside. We used to ride our bikes and park them at Loras College, walk down through Flora Park, go all the way back and ride our bikes to our houses on Southern and Cleveland. We also both got divorced within a few months of each other.

DSC05055What’s your favorite feature of the Sonic?
Pam: Remote Start
Pat: Hand’s Free Calling!

Who’s getting what color?
Pam’s Blue and Pat’s Red
Pat: Pam’s more of a tomboy so she likes blue and cowboy boots. I’m more high-heels and red.  *laughs*

Do you guys like similar foods?
For the most part, ya.  Pam: She likes meat and I don’t.  Pat: Ya, I enjoy a nice piece of steak but we both pretty much live off of candy and sweets. After 5 o’clock we don’t eat anything and exercise so we can eat our sweets while still being healthy.

That’s all the questions I had for you two, thank you very much for the positive feedback! Enjoy your new Sonics!
We can’t wait to drive our cars!

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