Seasoned Salesman Ranks Runde’s as Perfect – Carl Hoyt

Carl Hoyt1Carl Hoyt recently bought a 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum replacing his old F-150.  He uses his trucks mostly for his business as he hauls boats to customers and dealers over the country.  Being a salesman for a good portion of his life, Carl knows what makes a good experience in the industry and thought he had exactly that when dealing with Runde’s. He was kind enough to share that experience with us:

Where are you from Carl?
I’m from Eldridge, IA.

Have you lived there all your life?
No, I lived in Chicago a long time ago, actually.

What led you into Runde’s?
My son and one of my mechanics bought their vehicles from you guys. I usually try to stay as local as I can but the dealer that I was dealing with wasn’t treating me as well as they used to. They didn’t offer me a very good trade and their pricing was high on the truck I was looking for. But Runde’s found me the exact truck that I was looking for within the price I had in mind.  The other dealer didn’t care to call me back promptly where as Sean Dailey was very responsive and kept me informed along the way.

The truck I just bought is so much like the truck I just traded in that you could barely tell the difference – same color, same interior, same… everything and I just love it that way.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your experience with your salesman, Sean Dailey and Runde Auto Group in general?
Oh, a 10. Everything was very nice. They changed the license plates for me even though I had special brackets, Sean set up my phone with the car which was convenient, the finance was smooth as well. I trust Runde’s. The truck was very, very clean when it was sitting there waiting for me. He called me in the morning and assured me everything was good to go. He was great with following up.

Carl Hoyt's Business - Grace Marine Boating

Carl Hoyt’s Business – Grace Marine Boating

Are you married?
Yes. I’ve been married to Kay for 44 years.

Do you remember your first date with Kay?
Yep, we both went to the same college and met at a dance.

Any Kids?
Three kids – Grant, Gretchen and Carl. They are all out of the house and all have grandkids. Five of our grandkids are within a mile of us and the other 2 are in Ohio.

Was thanksgiving a big event for your family?
No, everyone pretty much went their separate ways.   We went out to Ohio to see family there.

What are you doing for the holidays?
Everyone is coming over to our house.

Do you have any family traditions for the Holidays?
Not really, it’s a pretty typical Christmas. We usually have some sort of war with the grandkids. We’ll do Nerf wars or play with those little remote helicopters and have contests with those. My daughter-in-laws usually do the cooking.

Hoyt 2Is the truck for work?
I own a boat business – Grace Marine out of Bettendorf, IA. I transport boats for customers as well as dealers. I picked the truck with the Eco-boost because of my previous experience with it. It makes a huge difference when hauling – it pulls so much better.

You say your son has bought a vehicle from us as well?
Oh yes. He comes back all the time to get his vehicles at Runde’s. He always talks about what a great experience he had with Runde’s. Runde’s is very nice but also hit-home with the pricing – they always get my family exactly what we want.

Do you have any pets?
I have a lab.

Favorite food?
Pizza and hamburgers, probably.

Are you the cook in the house?
Nope, it’s mostly my wife doing the cooking – she’s a very good cook.

Any vacations planned this year?
I’m planning to go down and see my brother in Florida. He’s 84 years old. I’ll see him for a couple of days. My wife wants to go to Alaska or Hawaii at some point and I want to go back to the East Coast, like Maine.

Well, that’s all the questions I had for you.  If you had anything else you’d like to add you’re more than welcome to.
I think everyone should at least check you guys out if they are considering buying a vehicle. Runde’s is a very professional place that will save you money and treat you right.

Thanks for the kind words, Carl.  We’re thrilled that you had a great experience.

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