3 Overlooked Aspects of the Chevy Volt

Maybe you’ve seen one or two driving around and wondered, but never really pursued, in your thoughts as to what the Volt would offer a driver. Let me put your mind at ease – the Volt offers the whole package my friends. It is the best of all worlds combined into one. It’s easy to oversee some of it’s very impressive features when the main thing that sticks out is the 98MPG tag, but here are some things that might be unknown to first time lookers that make this vehicle superb:

1.It’s Unexpected.

If you’ve never driven one before you probably had the same bias that I had in mind: It’s an electric and it’s going to be clunky/slow/unresponsive. It’s hard not to think that way after driving a Prius or Smart Car.

Well, I remember the first time on the lot with one – I (non-excitedly) got behind he wheel and drove off to find this thing handled better than most cars that I’ve driven (a lot). I couldn’t believe the responsiveness and pickup it had. While you drive the Volt you never think that it’s lacking in power and acceleration. It’s fast, powerful and fuel friendly? Put a “like” down for me!

2. It’s got ROOM.

Have this thing parked in your driveway? You can go ahead and consider your house to have an extra room. The Volt is surprisingly roomy and fits even large objects with ease. The rear seats fold down and when you add the hatch/trunk area behind those seats, it make it almost as roomy as an SUV. I’m 6’1 @ 210 lbs and I never felt quite as roomy in a vehicle since I was in my ol ’87 Caddie Deville. The ceilings are high, the seats are very accommodating and rear-seat passengers never have to worry about scrapping the skin off their knees.

3. Tech? Sure. Secret Tech? You bet!

Yeah, most people know that the Volt is a pretty advanced vehicle with it’s large battery pack powering the vehicle for up to 40 miles with a gas generator that kicks in once the juice depletes. But, it’s got some nifty stuff that owners might not even know about such as the Forward Collision Alert System & Following Distance Indicator which provides a flashing visual and audible alert if approaching a vehicle too quickly and also shows the distance away from the vehicle via a front installed camera. In addition to Bluetooth streaming audio, a rear-view camera and blind-spot monitoring  The vehicle also has two Maintenance Modes: Engine and Fuel.

If you generally drive within the 40 miles of electric charge your fuel will have been sitting for awhile. If you have not used the gas in 6 weeks the Engine Maintenance Mode (EMM) will be available and the engine will run on gas to keep the gasoline in good condition.  Fuel Mainentinace Mode (FMM) tracks the average usage of your fuel. This will kick in if you don’t burn gasoline and the gas has aged for approx. one year or more. When the FMM is needed and activated the vehicle will automatically use the gas on each vehicle start until new fuel is added.

Check out these videos to see some of these features in action:

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