Brian & Patrice Kuhn – Happy Couple from Galena Pick Up Their New Torrent!

Brian & Patrice Kuhn came to Runde’s because of our great variety. The Kuhn’s, like all of our customers, are valued and appreciated by Runde’s and we like to hear what they think of their experience at Runde’s. We sat down with the Kuhn’s to learn exactly that!

What brought you into Runde’s today?
Today we came in to pick our car up that we purchased last Wednesday.

What car did you buy?
We bought a 2008 Pontiac Torrent.        

Who’s it for?
Patrice: it’s for me.  

What led you to come to Runde’s?
We were looking for an Equinox or a Torrent and we looked at a few other places but they didn’t have nearly as much selection as they did here.  And we have dealt with and liked to work with Dave Smith before.  This is probably the third vehicle we bought from him.

So overall, how did you like your experience on a scale of 1-10?
A high 9. It was good, everything was nice and they got everything done really easy. Paperwork was all done, we didn’t have to go anywhere else or anything like that. As soon as we walked out the door we were all done. They price their cars the way they are supposed to be.

What did you think of your salesman, Dave Smith?
He was really good. Everything we asked for he worked with us on. He was very accommodating and made everything nice, easy and painless.

Brian, Patrice & their salesman, Dave Smith!

A little more about you guys. Where are you from?
Brian: Galena, IL. I’ve lived there my whole life.
Patrice: I’m originally from East Dubuque, Il but I’ve been in Galena for 25-30 years.

How long have you two been married?
Almost 20 years. It’ll be 20 next April.

Do you remember your first date together?
It wasn’t really a date but we first met at the Stillman Manor when it used to be a bar during a fireman’s dance.

Any  kids?
Two kids. Our son, Ben, is going to be a freshman at Madison Technical College for diesel technology next year. He does our oil changes and maintenance stuff for our cars. Our daughter, Katie, is a sophomore in high school.

Any pets?
Three. Sherman is a Yellow Lab. Sanders is a Teddy Puppy. Then we have a cat.

What do you guys like to do around the area?
We go out to Appleton Lake. Her dad has a lot out there on the lake. We like to fish and do outdoor things there. Otherwise, when the kids were in school we would always be busy going to their sports practices and games.
Brian: I work 2-3 jobs so I don’t get much time to do things.

Where do you work?
Brian: I work for the City of Galena for my main job; I haul over the weekends for her uncle and I also work for a farm driving semi during the Fall.

Patrice: I work at the high school in Galena. I’m a one-on-one aid for a girl with down-syndrome. I’m also the East Galena Township Assessor.

Do you like to go on vacations?
We kind of do the same vacation every year. We go up to Chetek, Wisconsin. Her brothers, family, in-laws from all over the country all meet there. There’s always a big group that goes there.

Have you ever been overseas?
Patrice: I went to Jamaica after I graduated from college with a group of girls. That’s it though.

Anywhere you want to go/see?
I want to go on a cruise.  It was supposed to be my 5 year anniversary gift, then that turned into my 10 year… 15 year… now I’m just hoping it’ll happen for my 20th anniversary gift

Do you enjoy hot weather?
Brian: No, it makes things such a grind.

Would you recommend Runde’s to friends and family?
Oh yeah, of course. Actually, we are getting another truck from Runde’s for where I work.

Thank you Brian and Patrice! Enjoy the New Torrent!

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