Runde’s Spring Vehicle Tips!

Spring has been here for a bit, and the weather in the Midwest has been… strange, to say the least. While the March showers were kind of a downer, May’s flowers will surly brighten our days! It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning, and while I’m sure that house/apartment needs a touch up here and there, lets not neglect our pals on wheels. Follow these helpful springtime maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in great condition!

1. CLEAN – Winter might be over with, but if you haven’t been keeping up to date on your car washes you should do so now as there might be salt on your vehicle which causes rust, particularly to the under-body.

2. Top ’em off – Fill up all of the necessary liquids in your vehicle. Be sure to fill up on your coolants!

3.  Check out the wipers – With all of the stuck on ice and snow, your windshield wipers might not be in the best shape. Spring is the rainiest season of the year so be sure to replace used wipers.

4. Get some Air in There –  Because heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction, with every change of season it’s a good idea to check your tires for the proper psi.

5. Go Pro – It’s a good idea to get your car checked out after Winter’s harsh treatment of your vehicle. Take it to a mechanic to make sure everything checks out. If you are savvy enough to do it yourself, be sure to check out the belts, brakes, hoses and suspension.

Keep your vehicle healthy so you can both enjoy spring in its entirety!

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