The Frye’s – Great Things They Can Do With Their New Malibu!

While not Runde’s by name, Jacquelyn, Sharon and Luella Frye are part of the Runde’s family. These fantastic customers came into Runde’s to get a new vehicle for Jacquelyn, who recently had an unfortunate accident which totaled her old vehicle. In need for a new ride and, the Frye family came to Runde’s to complete their need for their vehicle.

Are you from the area?
Yes, I’m from Dubuque – born and raised.

Any family around?
Pretty much all of my family is around the Dubuque area. I have a sister and brother-in-law that live in Potosi, WI. But that’s about as far out as it goes.

Do you come from a big family?
Yep, 6 kids – I have 5 brothers and sisters.

Have any kids yourself?
Nope, I’m a single lady with two cats.

What led you into Runde’s today?
My brother-in-law that lives in Potosi. He dealt with our salesman, Wayne Konrardy, and recommended him to me. So when it came time to buy a car I came over here and fell in love with Wayne. He’s become more than a car dealer, I consider him a good friend.

What did you end up buying today?
I got a 2012 Chevy Malibu.

Pretty excited to get out there for some joyriding?
Oh yes! I drove in to your lot today thinking to myself: “where is my baby!”

Have you been in the process of buying the Malibu for a while?
No, not really. I had a car accident. The Cobalt that got wrecked was only 3 years old but it was completely totaled.

That’s, too bad, glad to see you’re ok. That was pretty much the end of the Cobalt, now they replaced it with the Chevy Cruze.
I heard those are nice!

So what led you towards the Malibu?
I got to drive a Malibu when I had it as a rental and I liked it a lot. So when it came down to my decision on what my new car should be I knew I wanted the Malibu.

Do you and your family have a lot of get-together or vacation together?
Yeah, my brother-in-law, three of my sisters, my mom and I usually go on vacations together.

Go anywhere recently?
Well my sister, Mom and I, all went together on a Disney Cruise which was totally awesome. Just us adults going on a Disney Cruise made everyone kind of look at weird, but it was a great time.

My sister, my Mom and I bought a house, so we all go together when a vacation opportunity arises. We also went on a cruise to the Caribbean which was fantastic as well.

Any hobbies?
Not really, I just work.

Where do you work at?
I work at Premier Lenin. I work in the office doing the inventory and whatnot.

Any favorite movies?
I’m more of a couch potato. I like to go out to watch movies from time to time but I really like reality TV shows. I get hooked on them, Survivor, Big Brother, and everything on Food Network. Once I get done with dinner, dishes and showering it’s right off to Food Network.

Do you make any dishes yourself?
I like to cook, I’m not fantastic at it or anything but I like to cook for people.

So when you guys have get-togethers you’re the one making the food?
When we get together, there’s so many of us – between 21-30 people. So whoevers house we are going to are the people who makes the main meal and everyone else will bring side dishes, etc. Kind of like a pot-luck.

On a scale of 1-10, what would you’re Salesman, Wayne Konrardy, and your experience overall?
10 Plus. I would not go anywhere else. No problems at all.

A lady at work I was talking with asked me if I looked around at all for vehicles. I told her I don’t care what anyone else has, I’m going to Runde’s.

Are you all excited for the new Malibu?
Jacquelyn: WOOHOO! I know I am. Sharon: I’ve been loving my vehicle, I have a Chevy Equinox I bought from here.
We are all a Runde Family.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I would pay off our house, buy another car, build a new house and get a Truck – I always wanted a pick-up truck.

Any new vacations planned?
We are going to Disney World in Florida in July.
Luella: I loved the Cruise, and am very excited for Disney World!

Jacquelyn: She [Luella] likes to go wherever we go. If the car is in motion she’s going. She stays pretty active for an 89 year old.
More power to you! You don’t look a day over 60.

That’s all the questions I had for you guys, if you’d like to add anything you’re more than welcome to.
Jacquelyn: I would recommend this to everyone. Everybody is so nice here. Service department has been wonderful whenever I needed to have service work done. I TRUST them. This is very important, because I’ve been screwed at other places.
Well, it’s easy to be nice with customers like you, thank you for the kind words and for your business!

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