Elmer Krohn – Earning a Well Deserved Retirement!

Today marks Elmer Krohn’s, AKA “Junior”, last day in the work-field. With close to 16 years of hard work at Runde’s, Elmer is putting away his work gloves to spend some well deserved time with his family.  Elmer is loved by all at Runde’s – that’s why we threw a Retirement Bash to wish him well and tell him to have some fun while on his retirement.

Sneaking in for a small interview with Elmer proved near impossible as he was constantly being hugged and talked to by all those that know and love him. I did manage to get a couple of words from Elmer before he got ambushed again, however…

This is your last day, how exciting! Any immediate plans you are going to pursue?
I plan on doing a little camping, Fishing, spending more time with the grandchildren and keeping the girlfriend happy. Also catching up with a bunch of things I wanted to do around the house. It’s time to play!

What are some of the things you wanted to do?
One of the biggest things is spending time with my grandchildren. Another thing would be to go on a cruise somewhere. Probably to the Caribbean or something like that.

Any fond memories of Runde’s?
The Christmas parties were always great. There are so many memories and great times here.

I hear you are a pretty good dancer?
No, not really. I can dance, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “good” Dancer. I’m not going to be on dancing with the stars or anything like that!

What do you value the most about working at Runde’s?
I really value the people I’ve met. There are some really good people here.

Is your family excited about you retiring?
Oh yes. My son, my daughter and my girlfriend are all excited for me. My son wasn’t sure if I’d be able to retire!

Got any vacation’s planned out?
Not really. We are going to go camping this summer. I guess everyday is a vacation now, so I’m not too worried about planning. 7-day weekends, everyday!

Do you have anything you’d like to say to all your friends at Runde’s?
I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck in whatever they do. The Runde’s will always move forward and I’m happy for them. It’s been good – not everyday you’ll like your job, but you look back and overall it’s been good. I’ve seen the dealership grow a lot over the years… I’ll still be getting my service work done here and stopping in to say hi to everyone.

Thank you Elmer! Runde’s wishes you the best in everything you do. Happy Retirement!

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