FYI: The 411 from the EPA is that GM rocks MPG’s

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, is the government agency responsible for creating, implementing and monitoring vehicle fuel economy standards. According to the EPA, of its 15 vehicle classifications for the 2012 Model Year – Chevrolet has five models that are  the MPG leaders in their respective catagories.

Chevrolet models have a wide variety of available technologies designed to improve vehicle operation and maximize fuel economy.  And every consumer out there knows that the less money they hand over at the pumps, the more money they’ll have for other things.  According to the EPA’s 2012 stats, Chevrolet actually has 10 vehicles that get 30 MPG or better on the highway.

The numbers don’t lie so if you’re considering one of the following vehicles, please give our Sales Staff a call at 866-735-5200.

  1. Chevy Cruze Eco at 42 MPG highway
  2. Chevy Volt at 94 MPGe (EV only),  37 MPG (gasoline only) and 60 MPGe (combined)
  3. Chevy Sonic at 40 MPG highway
  4. Chevy Malibu Eco at 37 MPG highway
  5. Chevy Equinox FWD at 32 MPG highway

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