MPG Wars. How much are you Saving?

It eats at you all the time… when you fill up and feel you got robbed… When that Hybrid doohickey pulls up next to you at the stoplight… When you are racing to the pump in a game of “test your limits” with your needle resting on “E”. “Is my vehicle sufficient enough in fuel economy or would it be worth it to get a vehicle with more MPG? How much money am I really loosing”?

Obviously, the more MPG, the better the savings. But exactly how much savings are we talking? Is it worth an upgrade? Check out these stats…

Based on a fuel price of $3.75 and driving 10,000 miles per year (with average driving behavior) changing from a vehicle that gets…

16 MPG to 21 MPG you would save $837 annually ($69.75/month)
21 MPG to 26 MPG saves $516 annually ($43/month)
26 MPG to 31 MPG saves $348 annually ($29/month)
31 MPG to 36 MPG saves $252 annually ($21/month)

If you look at these results you will see that by going down the latter (Best rated MPG comparison set to the Low set) the amount of money saved goes up by an additional $100 annually ($100, $200, $300) over the previous comparison set. These 5 MPG increases show how you would particularly benefit from going from a low MPG rated (sub 17) vehicle to a decently rated (20-23) vehicle. The higher up in MPG you go, the margin of money saved by going even further up, goes down.

And if you’re curious about electric vehicles… Driving a Volt (91 MPG equivalent) to a 25 MPG vehicle, the Volt would save you $1632 annually ($136/month).

Check out the numbers, is it worth it for an upgrade?

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