Julien International Film Festival – Dates, Times, Schedule, Venues and other Info

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Julien Film Festival Informaton GuideClick on the link to download the Julien Film Festival Information PDF. This file includes film schedule, information about the films, actors, directors, what’s good to eat and more.

Film Schedule – Click on the link to download the 4 day schedule of the Julien International Film Festival.


The Tri-State area is ready for all the fun and excitement the Julien International Film Festival will bring.  Luckily for us its happening next weekend! That’s right, the Julien Film Festival is officially starting next Thursday, April 19th and will run through Sunday, April 22nd! We’ve been revved up for this event since we first heard about it last autumn and now we’re more than excited to experience all the magic this festival will provide.

Not sure what to see or not sure what the festival entails? We’ve got the info you need, right here!

Here’s a short overview to the Julien International Film Festival Dubuque:

The four day event takes place inside various venues in downtown Dubuque, IA. Imagine walking downtown, popping into a building to watching a totally unique, independent, flick then coming out to talk directly to the film makers before going to the next venue to catch another flick. That’s what the Festival is all about – getting that feeling of being surrounded by great films, people who have a passion for cinema and an environment that you cannot replicate outside of the event.  Throughout the days there will be panel discussions, gala parties, classes for kids that promote creative ways to look at and produce film, and much, much more.

The Venues include:

  • Diamond Jo Casino – Mississippi Moon Bar
  • Hotel Julien Dubuque
  • Lot One
  • Vinny Vanucchi’s
  • The Lift
  • The Hub
  • Mason Dixon
  • Chocolaterie Stam
  • The Bank
  • Gastropub
  • Five Flags Center
  • Majestic Room – Holiday Inn
  • Mississippi River Museum

Getting hungry watching all the films? Be sure to try out some of the great food to be offered by many of the venues!

The Films:

There are over 100 films to be seen at the festival, most of which you wouldn’t have a chance to experience outside of a festival. These films span all genres and are certainly a welcoming change from the big-budgeted Hollywood flicks that are all-too-often put together with a whole lotta money and an underwhelming amount of thought.  During the course of the Julien Film Festival you will see films that are thought-provoking.   You’ll experience artful pieces that will ask very delicate questions, awaken slumbering ideas and leave a lasting impact.

From the JulienFilmFest.com Website, here is a preview of some of the films that will be shown at the festival:

Price of Admission is $8.00 and can be paid at the venue or call the Box office @ 563-258-0784 for advance tickets!

Here is a list of the films in the festival:
Back Nine • Project Happiness • It’s in the Blood • Route 66: TenYears Later • Ted WittmanSeries • Andrew Bird: Fever Year • Finding Face Man of Deeds: Bishop Mathias, Loras and the Iowa Frontier • Montage Life Part Time • Fabulous • One Beach • Bag It • Running Dry • Are All Men Pedophiles? • The Last Wright • Frost • Jobless • Clouds • Hanging of Big Todd Wade • Contract Killers • The Kiss • School Days Shoot • Cycle of Life • CANNED Shorts • Back Nine Route 66: Ten Years Later • Project Happiness • The Forest Prince and the Pig Man • The Response • KUMPANIA • Nyritigram: For the Love of Dance • Yidl in the Middle • Bonsai People • Girls in the Band • Dolphin Boy • Ghost Players • Part Time Fabulous • Paul Festa Trifecta • Duck Hunter • Late • CAB 57 • Wolf Call • Happy Birthday • The Telegram Man • A Million Spokes • This Narrow Place • Andrew Bird: Fever Year • The Welcome • Nyritigram: For the Love of Dance • Searching for Sonny • The Lutefisk Wars • Silent Film – Harold Lloyd’s The Kid Brother • Thespians • The Best and the Brightest • Je T’aime, I love you Terminal • Field of Dreams • Field Trip • A Million Spokes • Jobless • Clouds • Contract Killers • The Kiss • Film Labs • Saddled • Scenes of an Adult Nature • Flush • Divination • Searching for Sonny • Frost On The Bridge • This Narrow Place • Duck Hunter • STAGS • Club 84 •  Riverboat Lounge • Montage Life •  Highest Pass •  Animal House • Country School

Hope to see all of you Runde Fans there!

Learn more @ www.JulienFilmFest.com

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