Karisa Adams and Jenny Neurauter – They Know Good Books, Food and the Best Place to Get a Vehicle!

Karisa Adams and Jenny Neurauter are Fellow East Dubuquer’s. Karisa was in need of a vehicle that offered more space for her kids to ride in. They had a wonderful experience here at Runde’s and were ecstatic to share that experience with the world!

What brought you into Runde’s today?
I saw a Car that I wanted and I bought it. I was looking on Kelly Blue Book for Chrysler Pacifica’s and they had an option to find some in your area. I found two other dealerships which had the Pacifica but they weren’t nearly as good of a deal as Runde’s.

How was your experience once you got here?
It was great. Before I came Al made sure to have the vehicle to the closest store to me and got it all ready for us to check out and test drive. Al is very unique, he stay’s on top of his game and does his job really well.

On a scale of 1-10 what would you rank Runde’s?
I would say 10 – yay!

Are you from the area?
Yes, from East Dubuque, IL.

Favorite hangout spot in the Tri-State area?
Home? I don’t think I really have a favorite hangout spot.

Favorite Restaurant?
*Karisa Whispers* Buffalo Wildwings.

Why so quiet?
Because they have like the best server ever!

Who’s that?

Oh, ha-ha. How long have you been there?
Only about a year but I love it.

How about you Jenny, what do you do?
I work at a local book store. It’s a really nice, stress-free job.

Do you have family around the area?
Jenny: All of my daughters live here except her [Karisa’s] mother; she lives out of state in Wisconsin.
Karisa: I also have my kids – Cortland and Cadenced

Are you here for some support Jenny?
Karisa: She’s here because I needed a ride. I totaled my previous car so Jenny has been helping with transportation.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Karisa: I’d buy a house, I would pay off all my debt and give a bunch to my wonderful Grandma because she has helped me so much.
Jenny: I would help all of my grand-kids out by paying for their education.

Any favorite movie’s?
Karisa: Remember the Titans – still one of my favorites.
Jenny: I’m not a movie goer!
Prefer reading books, huh Jenny?
How did you know!?
Oh, just a hunch…

What is you favorite book of all time?
Any of the James Patterson books. It’s easy reading, the chapters are short so it’s good for people just getting into reading. I also read an amazing book about the kidnapping of a couple [Martin and Gracia Burnham] in the Philippines

There’s a television series that just came out called “Game of Thrones” that was based on a series of books. Do you notice anyone coming in and asking about those kind of books when a movie based on the books gets released?
No, but that’s only because we have mostly religious books where I work. We have a very small section of storytelling which is still inspirational.

Would you recommend Runde’s to friends and family?
Jenny: Oh yes. I bought my vehicles through Runde’s we got a 2004 Impala and it has been holding up great!

Do you guys go on family vacations at all?
I try to go to Florida every year because I have family there. But I haven’t been able to go for the last two years.

That’s not a bad place to have family.
Yeah! Free room and board!

Do you like winters?
I’d like to go elsewhere during winter but I’m not always able to.

I guess this winter we can’t really complain about, it was pretty mild.
It was cake!

Do you guys have get-togethers, or family vacations?
Mostly for the holidays. We have everyone bring in their own dish and it’s more like a potluck.

That’s all the questions I had for you guys, if you’d like to add anything you’re more than welcome to.
Everybody’s really nice up here, they are. You’re very helpful with any questions. I know I probably bothered whoever answers the phone a few times because I called so often but they are really nice and helpful and don’t act like they are agitated in any way which is impressive.

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