Who Wins in the Fossil Fuel War?

A couple of days ago we talked about Dodge coming out with the first, commercially produced, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) truck to hit the states with the Ram 2500. Since gas is a pretty hot topic right now, we thought we’d dive a little deeper with some interesting statistics we gathered from the U.S. Department of Energy. Wondering how much money you’d save by going to an alternative fossil fuel? Check out the chart below showing you the cost per gallon equivalent of the more popular fossil fuels:

As you can see by the chart, as of January, the lowest priced source of energy for vehicles would be CNG (same source powering the new CNG Dodge Ram). Surprisingly enough, regular gasoline comes in second place as the cheapest fossil fuel. If energy-powered vehicles (à la the Chevy Volt) were in the mix they would take top spot with an impressive $.8-$.16 per mile.

Here are some pro’s and con’s of the various alternative fossil fuels:





CNG is looking more and more promising as manufactures are recognizing it and developing vehicles that utilize it as well as more pump stations carrying the CNG refills. CNG is the healthier and cleaner solution as well as it corrodes and wears the various engine parts less rapidly than Gasoline. Emissions are cleaner to boot, as there are lower emissions of carbon produced.

I’ll leave you with one final chart: the Price Per Gallon of the various fuels mentioned spanning back to ’05

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