Vehicles Take a Swim during Ice Fishing Tournament in Wisconsin

Few can disagree that it has been a pretty darn mild winter around the Tri-State area. Lots of people are out biking and jogging where it would have been impossible/crazy to do so at the same time just last year. The lack of colder weather results in much less ice developing on our bodies of water as several people found out in Lake Winnebago, WI when 36 vehicles fell into the Lake.

Why park on the Lake? Everyone was eager to get their mitts on the prize money to be won by the “Battle on Bago” ice fishing tournament taking place. Several people couldn’t find parking off the lake so they decided to park on the ice regardless of tournament officials advising against it. The ice was estimated to be about a foot deep, but as the day went on the top layer softened due to the sun and rising temperature and down they went.

$500-$2,000 per vehicle (which several were already totaled anyway) to be towed out of the ice… ouch.

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