George Kapparos – Pleasantly Surprised by His Experience at Runde’s!

George Kapparos may have not expected to leave with a Chevy Impala when he came to Runde’s, but the smile on his face as he left with his Impala said “I’m glad that happened!.” George was pleasantly surprised by the level of service he received and was more than willing to share that experience with the world!

What brought you into Rune’s today?
My wife and I needed a new vehicle so I drove through the other day and looked around for a while. I was going to look at another place but my wife insisted that I come here.

Have you dealt with Runde’s before?
I actually took Tim and Jeff Runde to a Chicago Cub game when they were 14 years old. They were great kids. Otherwise no, we haven’t really dealt here before.

I hear that you weren’t expecting to take a car home tonight?
No, we had no intention of actually buying anything for awhile, but here we are.

What did you end up buying today?
We bought the 2008 Chevy Impala.

What made you go for the Impala?
I drove one the other day and thought it was really nice.

Are you from the area?
Yeah, we live right across the bridge in Dubuque, IA.

Any Family?
We have a daughter here, and then we have two boys – one in Marion, IA and the other one lives by Des Moines, IA.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rank your experience here at Runde’s?
I’d give it a 10, it was super. Al is a good guy, you feel like you’ve known him forever. I can’t stand high-pressure sales people and Al didn’t pressure me at all.

That’s all the questions I had for you George, thanks for the interview and enjoy your new Impala!

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