Test Driving the Buick Verano by Office Ninja Ashley Fulenwider

Runde Auto Group Dubuque Area Buick VeranoI got the chance to test out the new Verano a few days ago and absolutely loved it.  It was sort of like a belated Valentine(that I unfortunately wasn’t able to take home and cuddle with).  The interior had a very intuitive design where everything seemed to be at my fingertips.  All the controls were within my reach and the seats were sleek and cozy.  It’s a fun car to drive, but I noticed that my speedometer kept exceeding the legal limit so I engaged the cruise to ensure that I wouldn’t have to pay a lofty fine for over-enjoying my test-drive. I was comfy, warm and I felt somewhat like Danica as I glided across a long strip of highway, feeling the power of the car.  Quiet too.  The car seemed very quiet to the point where I could have been able to hear my own thoughts if I wasn’t maxing the radio volume with Christina Perri’s harmonic vibes that were pouring in through the Bose 9-speaker system.  I wanted to drive it everywhere. My guess is that after you’re finished tooling around town in your new Verano, you’ll probably opt to take the long way home.

The 2012 Buick Verano, as promised, is a purposeful car that provides a rich feel and comfortable ride. It has been constructed to be a quiet ride with the benefits of Quiet Steel with laminated acoustical material in between the twin-ply sheet metal that effectively acts as a dampener and helps prevent noise outside the cabin from entering the driver’s peaceful domain.  The same can be said of the laminated glass that keeps the wind noise on the outside, where it should be. The Verano also promises great safety. It was the top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It comes complete with 10 airbags, ABS, Full-Function traction control and a comprehensive child seat LATCH system. So as you’re enjoying the full power of the 180 horsepower 2.4L engine, you’re assured that your precious cargo is safe and secure.

The Verano has the signature Buick chrome waterfall grille, chrome portholes on the hood and sleek fitting wheels. It’s a powerful street-scooter disguised as an elegant luxury sedan that handles great around the back curvy roads and gets 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg highway.

You’ll easily get your money’s worth with this beautacious baby Buick. It starts at about $23,500 which is extremely affordable considering the value that Buick has built into this car. The Verano rescues your cold hands and the rest of your body from the ice-cold winters with a heated steering wheel and heated seats. It has a push button start system and a push button parking brake to boot. It also comes with a touch screen radio display with satellite radio, Pandora internet radio and Stitcher app. And as I mentioned before, the Bose sound system will get you lost in your favorite tunes as you navigate your way safely to your destination.

This review and the Verano walkaround video were produced by Ashley Fulenwider (aka ... the Office Ninja.). cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Angelo González: http://flickr.com/photos/ag2r/3783368698/

The only thing I might change about the Verano is the lack of leg room in the back seat, although I liked the spacious trunk and I really wouldn’t want to give up any space there.  So I’m really not sure how Buick can resolve that issue other than make the car longer for the next generation, but an increased length might sacrifice some of the cuteness of the car and I wouldn’t want that either. I would also request that the next-gen Verano come with a standard glove box filled with Get Out of Jail Free cards for when the speeding tickets start piling up. Other than those minor quips and quibbles, the Verano is a great car. Personally, I give it 9.5 out of 10. This car is a surefire winner and on my wish list when it comes time to trade in my current cruiser.

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