Ford has a New Slogan, Ford Escape News and Working the Steel for Dodge.

Our brothers at the blue opal have been very busy over the past couple of years. With impressive profits and a strong handle on being one of the kings of car tech, Ford is constantly improving itself for the better at an astonishing rate. To that affect, Ford has decided to transition to “Go Further” as their new slogan to show its speedy progress. The company believes that the old “Drive One” slogan was  more along the lines of getting potential customers to look at Ford after they rebounded from their near bankruptcy in 2008.

Also from Ford, the 2013 Ford Escape is now live on their website giving you the chance to deck out your own Escape. The prices aren’t final, and the vehicle isn’t on sale quite yet, but you can see how slick the vehicle is looking and the impressive options list. Go to to check it out!

In other great news, Team Pentastar plans on producing the the Dodge Dart in their  Belvidere, Illinois plant. They want to bring 400-500 workers on board to produce the vehicle. Belvidere is just 2 hours away from our Chevy Store in East Dubuque Il., so if you’re in the area and are looking for a gig in the auto industry you might want to look into this!

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  1. I like the new slogan; it makes sense to change it from time to time as your business and goals change.

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