Kari Acker & Lourie Fawcett – Horseback Ridin’ Friends that Love Runde’s

Kari Acker (Left) and Lourie Fawcett (Right)

Kari Acker and Lourie Fawcett came into Runde’s to purchase a new Truck for Kari. These two horse-riding enthusiasts were in high spirits after dealing with Runde’s. They loved their experience with us so much that they agreed to do an interview so that everyone can hear of their great experience!

What brought you gals into Runde’s today?
Lourie – My husband and I have bought a couple trucks from here and when Kari said she was looking for a truck I told her that she needed to come down to Runde’s because they have quite the selection of trucks.  I came mostly for moral support.  Kari is the one that did all the buying.

What did you end up buying today Kari?
I ended up buying a ’09 Silverado 2500. Have you been here before? I have never been here before but we were looking around on the internet for the last couple of weeks and you guys had the best selection.

How was your experience?
Al was really easy to talk to on the phone and everything since then was great. Al is a great guy; I’m actually married to a salesman that takes on a similar approach to Al. He sells hockey equipment.

Are you ladies from the area?
No, we’re from the Madison, Wisconsin area, a good hour drive.

How long have you two been friends?
15 years maybe?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by longhorndave

How did you meet?
We ride horses together.

So did you meet at like a horse riding… convention or something like that?
*laughs* we’ve never heard it called a “convention” before…  There is a community of horse riders that get together and have ride horses together. It is an always an expanding community of horse riders; we have friends all over the country that we’ve through riding. Everyone is really helpful and friendly. If you need advice on getting a horse people are there to help you, even if you need a new truck, like me, there are people there to assist you and tell you what to look for if you want to trailer horses, etc.

Are you going to be using the truck to trailer the horses?
We trail for larger rides. That’s why I got the 2500 so I can pull it up the mountains.

How many horses do you have?
Lourie – I have 5.
Kari – I have 3.

Do you just casually ride do you do it for some kind of utility use?
We ride just for pleasure. And like we always say, happens in the mountains stays in the mountains.

…You lost me a little there… “What happens in the mountain stays in the mountains”?
Just like everything else, not everything happens according to plan. You see, these are all women going out out and leaving their husbands behind, so from time to time we have technical problems…

Oh I see… I’ll leave it there then.
What else do you guys like to do around the Madison area? We work and try to support our interest in horses. My husband and I also enjoy hunting and fishing. We went elk hunting and it’s nice because we also use my horses for pack horses.

If you were to rate your experience at Runde’s on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it?
Lourie: I’m always pleased when I come here, I’d have to say a 10. We’ve always gotten great service and that’s why we come over here. And the selection is amazing, there are so many vehicles that you get to choose from that not only can you pick the vehicle you wanted, but the color and everything! Kari has never been here so when we went to town I said “there are the new Trucks” and she was amazed by how many there were. Kari: Yeah, it was a great experience and Al is really fun to work with. Some of our acquaintances also come here to buy their vehicles, the word gets around that Runde’s is good!

The Outback… seems like a nice enough place to go Horseback Riding…cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. World Tour

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Kari – I would really like to go to Australia to go horseback riding in the outback.
Lourie – I’d like to go to Australia and also to New Zealand.  Where ever we can get more horseback riding the better for us.
I see that you guys are really passionate about your hobby, that’s great to see! Oh yes. We love it.

Are you married?

Lourie: Nope
Kari: a boy and a girl, all grown up. Both are in college, trying to avoid getting real jobs.

Do they share your passion with horse riding?
 Kari: No they don’t. My husband is supportive of it but he isn’t all that into it either. It’s just my thing.
Lourie: My husband loves to ride with me; he just doesn’t like going on the ladies rides.

How long of a trail do you ladies ride on?
Usually it’s an all-day event.

Any trails you’d suggest?
They have a cabin in the Big Horn Mountains. It’s amazing. You go on a 9 hour ride and you’ll never see the same thing twice.

Do you have any other pets?
Lourie: We have two Airedales, that has been trained for bird hunting.
Kari: We have two German Shorthairs; my husband is a bird hunter as well so they are also trained for bird hunting. If we let the shorthairs in with the horses, they will eat the grain right alongside the horses.
Lourie: Yeah, her dogs eat the grain, my dogs aren’t so bright and eat what comes out the other end…

That’s all the questions I had for you gals, thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourselves with us!

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