Ryan Kerchner – The Easy Rider Enjoys working for Runde’s but Just Don’t Get Him Started on his Fiancée’s Hedgehog.

Ryan Kerchner joined up with Runde’s recently as a mechanic. During a previous RundeAutoChat interview we  got the chance to get to know his Fiancée, Kaylin Seffrood, who started at Runde’s as a sales person in October. And now that the soon-to-be-wed couple is working at Runde’s together, we took the opportunity to interview Ryan as well!

We just interviewed your Fiancée, Kaylin Seffrood, and thought it’d be nice to get your side of things. Is this the first time the two of you worked at the same place?
No, we’ve actually been at a couple of places together. At my last job an entire family and a few couples worked in the same place, doesn’t happen too often like that though.

How do you like your mechanic gig?
I’ve been a mechanic for about 7 years, I saw that Runde’s was hiring so I thought I’d give it a try and I’m liking it.

What do you like most about the job?
It’s something different, I was getting bored with fixing motorcycles. The way I got into fixing motorcycles was that it was a hobby that I loved and I needed a job. So I applied to a motorcycle dealer, and they hired me. But when my hobby became my occupation I started to appreciate fixing them less, it wasn’t much fun anymore. Automotive maintenance is what I went to school for so it’s nice to use that knowledge in the workplace.

Where’d you go to school?
I got my associates degree in Automotive Service from Highland College in Freeport.

How do you like working on cars compared to motorcycles?
It’s all nuts and bolts. Everything comes together and comes apart. There’s things that motorcycles have that cars don’t and visa-versa. I’m having fun doing it all though.

Are you a car enthusiast?
I’m an “anything that goes fast and can get me dead in a hurry” enthusiast.

I know you like ride bikes, but I hear you also appreciate snowmobiling?
Yep, I’ve got a couple of those.

How many bikes do you have?
I own one but there are five in my basement right now. A couple of guys are paying me to store them. My garage is actually in the basement of my house and there’s a great big door where you can put them in through. It’s all heated and it’s nice because instead of the tires sitting on concrete it’s on wood paneling so it won’t cause the air to leak out of the tires.

How do you like the new house?
I’m learning that it’s expensive and that I’m not as good at doing dry-wall as I thought I was. But it’s fun and every time that check gets written, it’s going to something I own opposed to something that makes someone else richer. I’ve always rented before, but it’s hard to find someone that will rent out to someone with a 55-pound boxer.

Is the boxer your dog?
Yeah, we actually got her about 2 years ago but you can say it’s pretty much my dog. She isn’t really big but she’s about the nicest dog you’ll ever come across.

How long have you and Kaylin been together?
It’s been about seven years. We met at the first Harley shop we worked at in Monroe. We just hit it off from there.

I heard you have a pretty big family.
Yep. She’s an only child and I’m one of four brothers. There was never a dull moment in my house. We were always beating on each other and everything else since forever. I have one younger brother, and two older step-brothers.

Enjoy the holidays?
I love the gluttonous Holidays.

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, which is the bigger meal?
Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are huge feasts at my parents house, Christmas Eve is a huge feast at my Grandma’s house… You can just say we eat a lot.

Do you hunt at all?
I’m an enthusiast of firearms, but I don’t go out and hunt. I can’t afford to collect guns.

What do you like to do around the area?
Nothing yet. We moved here at the end of June… we’ve been getting used to all of it and doing some house work.

How are the house repairs going?
The house if very outdated. When we moved in the carpet in the living room stunk like wet dog so bad that we had to re-do it immediately.

So are most of your repairs done?
No… No. We have a lot of wood paneling to take out of it and dry-wall to put up. We’re working on this one room now and, like I said, I learned that I’m not so good at dry-wall.

Kaylin works until 7 and you work until around 5… do you guys go out after work or do you stay at home?
We spend a lot of time at home because we’re paying for the house, saving up for the wedding and some other stuff.

Is there an “ultimate” bike that would be a goal to have?
Not really. I mostly play with my bikes. I ride a Road Glide, an “old-man’s bagger”, but it’s not an “old-man’s bagger” anymore. I payed about $15,000 for my bike and I’ve probably put about $30,000 into it.

What hobbies do you like to participate in?
I just like motorized sports. I like to ride my sled and my bikes. Kaylin actually has the bigger, faster snowmobile. I have a 440 chassis, factory mod 600 race sled, its fast.

You guys have a cat and hedgehog as well as your boxer, right?
…She does.

Not so much a fan of the cat and hedgehog?
No. The Hedgehog bites me and I don’t get along with the cat.

Does that Hedgehog puff up when it gets excited?
You just look at the thing and it puffs up. I’ve actually had it draw blood a couple of times.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I don’t know… I’ve been to both coasts of the United States and beyond both boarders… I think I’d like to go to Europe somewhere.

I heard about your epic bike trip to Canada, how was that experience?
That was cold. Middle of July and freezing our butts off. We’ve made it South as far as Georgia. We rode 3,000 miles in six days. Someday I’d like to go to the Redwood Forest out West in California.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
Blow it. My house would be paid for, my trucks would be paid for… it’d disappear pretty quick. Maybe I’d keep a bit of it but I have to keep working. I need to have a purpose; I can’t just stand around without doing anything.

That’s all the questions I had for you Ryan. Thanks and welcome to the crew!

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