Care in the Community Pt. 2 – Camp Courageous & The Dubuque Food Pantry

Welcome back from what was hopefully a wonderful Holiday Break! In continuation of spotlighting local charitable organizations that better our community, we are honored to feature Camp Courageous and The Dubuque Food Pantry. 

Camp Courageous-
Camp Director, Charlie Becker:

Everyone at Camp Courageous is very excited over the planned Lake Project. Camp Courageous recently purchased 30-acres of land from camp’s neighbor to the immediate west of base camp. The purpose of this land was to establish a lake. One needs to be at least 2-miles from the runway of an airport…and this land falls just outside those 2-miles of the Monticello Airport.

Currently campers are bussed 22-miles (round trip) to Central Park to do lake activities. The buses not only carry the precious cargo of campers and staff, but also trailers full of canoes. This purchase and subsequent construction of a lake will greatly lessen the camp’s risk, with everything being within walking distance or a train ride from base camp.

Campers will be able to canoe, fish, and do other water activities, all within an easy walk or train ride. Work has begun on the project with the clearing of trees and contouring the land. Campers have enjoyed watching the project, in anticipation that next year they may be canoeing in this area.  We also plan to build a pavilion that will go with the lake.  A perfect place to warm up in the winter or put on one’s cross country skies or skates.

Currently the demand on the camp, (those with special needs wanting to come to camp) far exceeds the facilities and staffing we  have. Camp Courageous goes year-round (including winter camping weeks) just to try our best to meet the need. During registrations, the camp is generally booked for the year, within 10-minutes. However, there are always beds available for emergency respite care, which is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.”

The Dubuque Food Pantry-
Manager of the Food Pantry, Sister Lynn:

The Dubuque Food Pantry handed out 500 food baskets between December 12th-16th.  The baskets went to families that signed up for the program throughout the Tri-State area.

The baskets contain all the fixings for a family Holiday meal. The food is both donated and purchased. Businesses, Churches and Schools donate products like; hams, turkeys, canned goods, etc. Any monetary donations the Food Pantry receives help to buy items like milk, eggs, margarine and any of the other food that is needed to complete the basket.

All of us at Runde’s would like to extend our gratitude to all of these charities for helping to make the Holidays so enjoyable for so many!

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