The Corvette Z06 Goes FAST and Stops FASTER.

It’s great to go fast, it’s one of the most exhilarating experiences – feeling a powerful motor push you back in your seat. However, what good is it to go that fast if you can’t stop that power at will? You might end up with a very expensive, extremely large accordion if you can’t manage to brake at the proper time and distance. The Corvette Z06, having no interest in being a musical instrument, gives the best recorded stopping distance with a powerful braking system and well-thought out engineering.

Motor Trend just released that the Corvette Z06 has topped the stopping-distance record. For those who don’t know, stopping-distance is the distance it takes to come to a complete stop from when the brakes are fully applied. There are several factors to the equation; the  original speed of the vehicle,  type of brake system, reaction time of the driver and the

To get an accurate stopping distance, professional drivers take the vehicles to the track. For reference, anything that stops in, or under, 100 feet  from 60 miles per hour is considered very good. The Corvette Z06 just topped the record with an amazing 93 feet! This achievement sped the Z06 to the top of the charts in the Motor Trends list of shortest stopping vehicles. Stop and Go – Chevy’s perfected the art.

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