Keith Hawley Aims at the Midwest to Buy His Z06 and Scores

Keith Hawley is yet another wonderful, cheery customer… with one little difference… he lives over 15,374 miles away in Australia! Despite the distance, nothing was going to stop Keith from picking up his Z06 2LZ Corvette.  He found us online, saw that no one could beat our price and service and decided to give us a try. We are happy to say that loves his Corvette and everything went smoothly as far as getting it over to him. He even filled out this little questionnaire letting us know a bit more about himself and how he liked his experience at Runde’s!

How did you find Runde’s?

What made you purchase from us?
You had the vehicle I was looking for and Sean impressed me as a straight shooter.

How are you liking the Corvette?
I’m in love.

How was your salesperson, Sean Dailey?
9.9 out of ten.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your overall experience?
As above.

Married? Kids? Pets?
Married 2 kids (adult).

What kind of activities do you do in Australia?
Tarmac car rally’s (Corvette)  Jet skiing, drink beer.

Favorite Australian food?
Pretty much everything.  I love food.

What’s the weather like in Australia?
In Perth, where I live, similar to California.  Winter minimum temp 2 deg C, summer max temp 44 deg C.  Annual rainfall 850 mm, 34 inches.

Have you ever been to the United States?

It’s great to see someone who loves a vehicle enough to go to great lengths to get it. Keith is one of those guys and he went the distance to get his Corvette. We know everyone in the Down Under looks on in amazement as they see you going down with you sweet new Z06.

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