Dustin & Nick Lewis – Twins from Cobb Enjoyed Their Experience at Runde’s

Dustin & Nick Lewis were born as twins, one minute apart. These two have come to experience a lot of life with each other and now they experienced how great and trouble-free it is to buy a certified used vehicle from Runde’s! They sat down with me to chat about themselves and how they liked their experience here.

Where are you guys from?
We’re originally from Finnimore Wisconsin, now we live in Cobb, Wisconsin.

What do you guys do?
Cobb’s a small town. Nick: I work in the liquor warehouse for General Beverage.

What do you guys like to do around the area for fun?
We like to ride our motorcycles and we go fishing quite a bit, that’s about it. We don’t like to be stuck inside too much.

Have any favorite restaurants?
There are no restaurants in Cobb… there’s a couple of bars… That’s pretty much all we can go to.

IGOR from Finnimore, Wisconsin - where the Lewis boys are from. ---------------cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Mykl Roventine

You guys get along pretty well as kids?
Oh yeah.
Get in any fights or anything?
Oh yeah.

Who usually won?
Nick: Usually me. Sometimes it depends.

What did you end up buying today?
A 2008 Impala. Got it mostly for work. Thought it was time to buy something more reliable than what I was riding, it had over 250,000 miles.

How did you like your experience here at Runde’s?
It was great. Absolutely great.

Did you know your salesman, Al Kloft, before this?
Nope, I was just out in the lot, looking at a vehicle, and I saw him walking out of the building so I decided to talk to him. He told me about the 2.9% financing and I thought that was great. I was going to wait until the end of the year when I build up a little more money, but with the 2.9% I ended up getting the best deal. Al was great through the whole process though, I like him.

How would you rate with your overall experience?
A 10. This is my first time buying a certified used vehicle, and that feels pretty reassuring.

We imagine Nick & Dustin had quite a few moments like this as kids. -----------------------cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by TheArches

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
Nick: I’d invest a lot of it then help out some friends and family.
Dustin: I’d probably move overseas, like over in Paris and live fancy for a while.

Do you guys have a big family?
Not too big.

What do you guys do for the winter holidays?
We all go over to our Grandma’s house for Christmas. My mom used to cook but she doesn’t do that anymore. Definitely looking forward to the feast she makes.

Do you guys like winter in general?
No, we both hate the cold. When it’s 40 degrees or so it’s good but anything colder and when the snow starts coming down it’s not a good time.

Thanks Dustin and Nick! Hope you guys enjoy the holidays at your grandma’s!

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