Ford Working the Steel

If you’ve ever wondered how Ford keeps getting all of these “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Ratings Top Picks” you might want to first consider the foundation of it all… the metal. Ford uses Ultra high-strength and high-strength boron (one of the strongest, weldable materials) steel technologies to form several parts of their frame.

This type of steel is up to four times harder than normal high-strength steel and up 10-15% thinner, making it lighter. These advanced materials aid the structure meet crash regulations while minimizing the vehicle’s weight to help maximize fuel economy.

From this picture of the Ford Fiesta,  you can see a good majority of the vehicle’s main points are made with high-strength/ultra-high-strength steel (orange). The 2012 Ford Focus followed suit and resulted in it’s shell being made of 55% high-strength steel and 31% made from ultra-high-strength boron steel. This, along with various other features earned it a spot with it’s 12 other siblings in the Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS. Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) editors at High Gear Media’s The Car Connection named the 2012 Ford Focus the “Best Car to Buy 2012”

“Ford’s use of ultra high-strength steel in the 2012 Focus have resulted in a vehicle that not only is affordable and safe, but also fuel efficient and environmentally responsible,” Ron Krupitzer, vice president, automotive applications for SMDI, said. “Their decision to incorporate lightweight steel technologies into their designs, demonstrates that steel continues to be the material of choice for automakers in terms of meeting aggressive safety and stringent fuel economy and emissions requirements — a clear best buy for consumers.”

Ford safety engineers in the U.S. and Germany crash tested the new 2012 Ford Focus more than 12,000 times to ensure that what you are driving on the road protects you the best it possibly can. This long line of Ford using only quality materials and achieving top safety ratings shows that you have nothing to worry about when buying a Ford!

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