Mark Horsfall – Survived a Heart Attack, Had a Great Thanksgiving and is now Buying a new Trailblazer.

Mark Horsfall is the kind of guy you want to have as a friend. He always wants to help out and is an overall great guy. Mark swung by Runde’s to pick up his new Trailblazer and to finish up some paperwork. While he was here, Mark was more than happy to sit down and share more about himself and his experience with Runde’s.

What led you into Runde’s today?
I was looking online and saw a vehicle I was interested in. I’ve always known my salesman [Al Kloft] and I knew I could come back to Runde’s because Al always takes care of me.

How long have you been buying vehicles from Al?
This is the second vehicle that I’ve bought from him, and not the last.

On a scale of 1-10 what would you give your experience at Runde’s?
I’m in the service industry and I know that 10’s are unrealistic so I’ll give it a 9.

Do you live around the area?
I live in Peosta, IA now.

What do you do around there?
I work for Aramark Uniform Services. I deliver uniforms to factories and businesses and such. I’ve worked there for 6 years.

Any Family?
I’ve been married to my wife for 12 years and have two kids. Our boy is seven and our little girl is six. I have brothers and sisters all around here.

What do you guys do together as a family?
We take little vacations together to Wisconsin Dells and places like that.

Al tells me that you recently survived a heart attack?
My dad died from a heart attack on May 31st 1991 and on May 31st of last year I had a heart attack as well. I was lucky to be the exception to the rule.
Glad you’re still here!

Watch any theater movies lately?
Last one I saw was Tangled with my kids, it was great for my daughter.

Go out to eat at all?
It’s kind of hard because the kids are a bit picky so we usually end up just going out to McDonalds to satisfy everyone.

Do you personally have a favorite restaurant?
I like going to the Texas Roadhouse.  It’s a place where the wife and I can go together.

We actually just got one here in Dubuque…
Yeah, I had to solicit that building and found it to be small compared to the one in Davenport, but it’s still nice.

Have any pets?
Dog and a cat. The cat is a mutt but the dog is a purebred Dachshund also known as “the weiner dog”.

What hobbies do you like to do?
My favorite thing to do is when someone needs something built, I like to go help them out. I frame up basements for friends and such. I never charge because I’m not a professional and if something goes wrong it’s not on me.

Do you watch any sports?
I like watching football. I don’t have a favorite team but if I had to pick one it’d probably be Pittsburg. My wife is a Bears fan. I root for whoever the Bears are playing just to tease her.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Pay off my bills, take some vacation and just enjoy life for awhile.

Where would you go on vacation?
I’d go to Australia. I’ve never been there but it just seems like the only place I’d want to visit.

Anything you’d like to add?
It was a very good experience, Al and everyone took care of me and I’d definitely recommend it all to friends and family.

Have a good Thanksgiving?
Yeah, it was just my wife and kids.

Who did the cooking?
I did, I’m the cook of the house. We had a little fire incident last time she tried to cook so we decided to let me handle the kitchen.

What all do you like to cook?
I like to cook roasts and rips. For thanksgiving we deep-fried the turkey.

How did you like your day off?
It was great. Ate, watched football as loud as I wanted and relaxed. Didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

We enjoy those kind of days too.  Thanks Mark!

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