For[d]seeing the Future.

The Future.

Take a moment to think about just how fast technology has advanced and became part of our culture. 15 years ago if you were to collect a group of people, varying in age and gender, and asked them how many of them have ever purchased something online, you’d be lucky if a quarter of those people would have responded “yes”. Do that today and you’d probably have the exact opposite result in only a quarter of people would respond that they haven’t purchased something online. Technology is here to stay and embracing this fact and always pushing it forward is Ford.

A perfect example of this forward momentum is the Evos Concept. Debuting at the 2012 International CES, the Evos is Fords “cloud” based vehicle that is jammed packed with technological doodads galore. The “Cloud” wirelessly connects to the vehicle and offers a range of data for the driver that integrates their personal driving preferences, weather conditions, and schedules to provide alternative routes, vehicle setting recommendations and an overall better driving experience.

Also in the technology mix is a variety of features that aid in health monitoring such as a heart-rate monitoring seat and certified allergy-free interiors which will connect to the cloud to monitor the drivers physical state and workload that suggest various alternative driving experiences.  All in all, the Evos and future ford vehicles promises to bring technology to a vehicle to the point that it is practically a fully functioning assistant.

“Today, drivers have to adapt to the features and capabilities of their car,” said Paul Mascarenas, Ford chief technical officer and leader of the company’s global Research and Innovation team. “The Evos Concept changes the paradigm of how you interact with your car. Our vision is that the car should seamlessly adapt to the driver taking the driving experience to a whole new level of personalization and convenience.”

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