Kick Under The Bumper to Open the Trunk. 2013 Ford Escape

How many times have you gone out to your vehicle from the store packed with more things than seemingly possible for a human to carry? When you get to that vehicle you are thinking “great, now I have to set all this stuff down, take out the keys and open the trunk.” Not anymore! To be introduced first in the 2013 Ford Escape, Ford has come up with an ingenious way to open that trunk without having to put down a thing!

To open the trunk in the 2013 Escape, all you have to do is give it a good kick (Somewhat literally), but actually all you are kicking is empty space as the vehicle sensor responds to the presence of an object moving underneath the rear bumper of the vehicle. After it detects the object, your rear hatch will open up offering you relief… no more having to adjust your items and not having to do the Hokey Pokey trying to get everything in your trunk when it’s closed!  You must have the key fob on you or near yourself  for the trunk to open.

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