Terry and Teresa Pluemer – To Colorado They Will Go With Their New Escape!

Terry and Teresa Pluemer are from Platteville, WI and they’ve lived there all their lives. They know what they like in life and Runde’s is the dealer they choose to get the best experience. They were kind enough to share a little about themselves before they went on their way in their new SUV.

What brought you into Runde’s Today?
We had to find a replacement for our Jeep because it was totaled.

Sorry to hear, hopefully no one was injured?
No, thankfully our son was ok.  

How did you find the vehicle?
Teresa:  I researched it online because we were looking for a new vehicle and looked at the Runde website. We first stopped at a different dealer but I was not happy with the service or the person I talked to.
Terry: I knew Al worked here so we came up here and went back and forth for awhile and ended up buying it. He’s a great person, he really looks out for us… just fantastic.

What would you give Al on a scale of 1-10?
A 10. We’ve dealt with AL in the past and he treated us really well … no pressure and we found the car we needed. It was super.

What would you rank your Runde experience on a scale of 1-10?
Probably a 10, even from in ’05 when we bought our Equinox from Al, the experience has been wonderful. They really help us with any problems or questions we have or problems we run into. Runde’s is always right there to give us a hand.

How many kids do you have?
Two boys, both are still in school.

What do you guys do as a family?
We like to travel, mostly to Colorado. This year we actually started camping. That’s why we went to a bigger vehicle so we can pack our tent and all that other camping stuff. I’m a big baby, and wanted the sunroof and heated seats.
Terry: Yeah, that luxury stuff I don’t really care about, it’s for her.

What’s in Colorado?
We go nearly every summer to Colorado. We like to go to Estes Park and go hiking and camping – it’s a beautiful place. We are heading out next summer with some friends, and their daughter is actually getting her senior pictures taken while were out there. Terry is a photographer, he takes senior pictures of school. It’s going to be a great trip

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by ms.Tea

 Any Pets?
2 Dogs, a coonhound and a Golden Retriever. The hound is my sons dog, he’s a whiner.

If you were to win the lottery what would you do with the money?
We’d take care of his mom and help her financially. We’d help all of our family out financially. We’d also probably buy a house in Colorado.

You guys go to movies at all?
No we’re not into going to movies to much, we’re outside alot and doing crafts mostly.

So you’re into photography Terry? Are you big into having the newest and greatest camera’s and gadgets?
I used to be like that, for a while there was a new camera every year or two. I’ve slowed down a bit now though.
Yeah, he would just come to me and say “Oh hey there’s a new camera coming out!” and I’d just think to myself “oh great, when are we going to get that one.”

It’s always great to meet other photographers.  My father hs been a professional photographer for years and his panorama shots of the Mississippi River are well known in the area and can be seen in his two published books or on his website at:  http://www.sinnocom.com/

Well thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you folks better. Hope you enjoy your new ride and have many more years of great visits to Colorado!

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