Happy Birthday OFFICE NINJA!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by doctorserone

According to the Urban Dictionary an Office Ninja (n.) is 1. an officemate who is adept at certain skills such as spying around the office and gathering information, appearing and disappearing around cubicles. 2. a crafty co-worker who can be tasked to work around the system to accomplish a job.

Ashley Fulenwider is known around these parts as “the Runde Chevrolet Office Ninja.” Her title began merely as a play on words pertaining to how quite and subtly she would enter and exit an occupied room, unnoticed by those in it. Example! Just the other day Ashley silently sat down in the chair next to me to start her workday.  About 20 minutes after her morning shift began I looked around the room and finally realized she was there so we started to chat for a bit.

After chatting, I went back to work (facing my computer screen) and shortly thereafter I remembered something else I wanted to tell her. Without turning around, I began telling her about a recent crazy story I had heard on the news and for the next full minute or two I conversed with “Ashley”. However, much to my amazement this person who was sitting less than three feet away from me, managed to leave the room somewhere within the 15 seconds between our two conversations and come back exactly as I finished talking to … no one.  I’m sure the three other people in the room thought I was loony!   Usually you can feel someone’s presence in a room… but the office ninja operates in stealth mode the majority of the time.  She comes and goes at will without detection.  Our best advice:  Beware of the Office Ninja.

Ashley - Birthday Ninja!

Anyway, It’s her birthday on Monday so if you know Ashley be sure to wish her a happy 2-0! Stay tuned to learn more about the Office Ninja in an upcoming interview!

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