As the World Turns with Eric T. Davis

Hey Eric, welcome to the Sales Team at Runde Chevrolet.  Runde Chevrolet Eric DavisWhat do you like most about your job so far?
Talking to people and hopefully selling them cars.

Are you originally from here?
Yes, I’m from Dubuque.

What’s the best thing to watch on TV?
Oh man that’s tough. Uhm, I like to veg out to Sports Center.

What’s your favorite sport?
I don’t really have a favorite sport. I like all of them. Literally, all of them. Cricket, tennis, the whole shabang. Football, hockey, basketball.

Do you know how to play all those sports?  Oh, believe me … I know.

Have you seen any new movies lately?  The last new movie I think I saw was The Blind Side.  Did you like it?   Yes. It was very good.

If you could have any super power what would it be?
Hmm, the ability to fly. Wait, I’m not sure ... Yep, I think I’d like to fly.

Where would you fly?
Around the world in 80 days.

If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you pick?
*Long pause* Can I go back about a year? I’d trade places with Tony Parker because he was married to Eva Longoria. I don’t really know who I’d like to be besides myself … maybe the president. Why not?

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Clean my car.

Are you married and do you have any family in the area?
Yes, I’m happily married. Got plenty of family in the area. Two brothers, parents, nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas. All that good stuff.

Have you been to the new Thai Bistro Restaurant in Dubuque just off the NW Arterial?
No I have not yet , but I’ve heard good things.

What’s your current favorite song?
Cat Daddy.  Who sings that?  The Rej3ctz (pronounced: Rejects)

What is your dream car?
Uhm, it would have to either be a Lamborghini Murcielago or an Audi R8 Spyder.

Do you have any good jokes for us?
Jokes? No, not clean ones.

What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?
Worst movie. I don’t know. What was the one I just watched? I don’t remember what it’s called now. It was pretty bad though. I just can’t remember the name. That’s how bad it was.

Do you have a favorite movie?
Anything with Jim Carey. Love him.

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
That’s tough. As the World Turns?

That sounds like a soap opera.
Pretty much. Like sands through the hour glass. As the world turns.

I think that was actually from The Days of our Lives … What’s your best day ever?  Friday the 13th.  Why?   Because it’s like everybody’s unlucky day but it’s my absolute luckiest day. It doesn’t matter what month it falls on, if Friday the 13th hits BAM, hit the casino, go win money.

If you were suddenly richer than Oprah, what would you do with all that cash?
I’d donate a large portion to the make a wish foundation. I would buy a big house and a couple cars. Set my parents and family up in new houses, and then probably swim around in it for a little while.

Are you one of the many who has Bieber fever?
*Without hesitation* No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

Mexican, Chinese or Italian?  Italian

Home on the range or bright lights big city?  Bright lights big city

Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo news or Myspace?  Facebook

Olivia Wilde or Mila Kunis?  (Intense thoughtful look) Mmm, Mila Kunis.

Fast and Furious or Gone in 60 Seconds?
Oooo. Hmmmm, the first Fast and Furious or the whole series?

The whole F&F shabang.
Gotta go with Fast and Furious then.

Action or suspense? Suspense

Sky diving or bungee jumping? Sky diving

Football or baseball? Yes !

The starting Forward for Team Runde -- Eric T. Davis

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