Milo and Mary Kettmann – They’ll be Travelling in Style

Milo and Mary

Brian Pinch in our Chevy Sales Department came to me and let me know that some customers of his were coming in to pick up their new Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ.   He explained that the vehicle was a retirement gift from themselves-to themselves and he asked if we could take some photos of the occasion.   The customers were Milo and Mary Kettmann from East Dubuque and we were able to grab some nice shots of them and their beautiful new ride.  And while we were asking them a few questions about themselves and about their buying experience, Mary let it slip that she’s not completely retired yet.  We actually found out quite a bit about these two down-to-earth “retirees” in our brief chat.

Brian said your new Tahoe was sort of a retirement gift.     Mary: We’re both retired now and we thought we’d treat ourselves to a new vehicle.

Milo & Mary's new set of wheelsWhere did you work before you retired? Mary:  I worked for Walmart and now I work part time for the Family Beer and Liquor Store here in East Dubuque. 

Milo:   I retired from the Dubuque Tank Terminal — you know those big tanks that you see just past the bridge here.  It used to be part of Inland Molasses. 

How long were you there?  Milo: I was there for 32 years.

Are you originally from the local area?   Mary:  He’s from Dubuque and I grew up over here in East Dubuque.

Do you have any trips planned?  Yes, we’re heading up to Chetek, WI for a fishing trip in about a week.  We rent a cabin up there and it’s really nice.  It’s about 50 miles north of Eau Claire and you can sometimes see bears up there.  We once saw a bear in a field just off the highway — a black bear.  

Do you have kids?   Yes we have a daughter named Monica and a son named Matthew.  
Any grand kids?   Yes, there are 4 of them in all. Jordan, Jarod, Jesi, and Madison.   They’re all very active and involved in a lot of sports so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like. 

Do you have any pets?  Yes we have a Schnauzer named Muffin and a Poodle named Milli.  They’re very opinionated and spoiled.  That’s how it should be.  I figure if you’re going to have them, spoil them.

Can you tell us how and when you met and can you describe your first date?  Oh it was in December of 1963.  We’ve been married a long time — we got married in 1965.

Were you set up?  Mary:  No.   Milo:  I was set up.   Mary:  (whispers over to him) Stop it.

How did you meet?     Mary: My folks knew him through the Dubuque Citizens Band Radio Club.  

So where did you go on your first date?  Milo:  A party, wasn’t it?   Mary:  Yep, we went to a Christmas Party and then the next day we went ice skating together after the 4:00 mass at St. Pat’s.   So it was one big long date and the rest is history.

Favorite movie of all-time?  Mary:  Gone With the Wind       Milo:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favorite singer or music group?    Mary:  I’ve always liked Cher             Milo:  The Statler Brothers 

Favorite song?  Mary: If There’s a Rock-n-Roll Heaven, Well You Know They’ve got a Helluva Band         Milo:  The Class of ’57 by the Statler Bros.

Favorite restaurant?   Mary: Red Lobster          Milo:  Red Lobster

Favorite vacation spot?    Chetek, WI

Did you have a good experience with this purchase?  Milo: Yes.  We purchased a vehicle here before, but this is the first one that we ever special ordered.

What would you say on a scale from 1 to 10?   Mary: A ten.  Working at Family Beer and Liquor Store I see a lot of people.  I worked there for 13 years then I went to work for Walmart for 9 years and now I’ve been back at Family Beer and Liquor for 2 more years and I’ve always paid attention to what people are saying and what they are driving.  I saw so many Chevrolets and so many Runde stickers.  Never heard a bad comment about Runde’s … never.  So that’s pretty impressive.  The thing of it is that if people get a bad vibe at a car dealership, they pass that information around to their family, their friends, co-workers and it goes on from there.  Word of mouth is somethin’ else so if you treat people right, that’s going to get around too.  You know, we really didn’t consider going anywhere else.  We came over here and Brian really did a good job.

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